The mainstream media is terribly reluctant to report on the obvious race aspect of the wilding attack outside a Kroger store in Memphis, Tennessee in recent days.

The attack was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube.  In the video, a female is laughing, describing the mob of black males swarming through a shopping center parking lot as “f*****’ hood rats”.  She then goes on to giggle after saying “they got a white dude”.   The crowd then beats the random “white dude” – in reality a 17-year-old Kroger employee – nearly to death.


WARNING:  NSFW (language)

Of course, Al Sharpton and Eric Holder are nowhere to be found.

Police have identified and arrested several of the black thugs from the video.  The primary assailant?  He was already facing gun-related charges, wasn’t enrolled in school and his momma was earlier charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.  Can you spell reprobate?

From The Conservative Treehouse:

…FOX6’s sister station, WREG in Memphis reports a 15-year-old has been charged with aggravated riot and acting in concert: to wit aggravated assault.

WREG reports the teen was out on gun-related charges at the time of the attack. WREG says the teen wasn’t enrolled in school, and his mother was previously charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

That teen is seen in the video wearing a lime green shirt.

WREG reports a 16-year-old is also charged with aggravated riot, and acting in concert: to wit aggravated assault. A 15-year-old and a 17-year-old are charged with aggravated riot.

Just reason #334 why you should carry a personal protection firearm in your daily life.  Along with extra ammunition.


4 thoughts on “KROGER “HOOD RAT” ATTACK: More information comes out in Memphis racial attack”
  1. This is despicable, I bet the racist animals that were caught will get a slap on the wrist and be set loose once again. I believe justice will find them sooner or later, they live like thugs and scum and that has it’s consequences. the skank with the camera will end up a 400 lb. welfare pig that gets used as a sperm dump.

    The attackers themselves will end up rotting in prison ( and getting raped ) eventually. the others will end up dead on a corner in a gang killing. I say to them: Laugh it up a**holes, you’re burning threw your days real fast. Just like Trevon and Mike Brown these cockroaches will get what they deserve and then we’ll see ****bag racist dog waste like Sharpton and Jackson huggin’ ” Momma ” on TV and I can hardly wait.

    (Bill: try to keep it PG rated on the language. thanks. John.)

  2. Uncle Sam makes a terrible surrogate father for welfare families.

    (No relation to Uncle Sam)

  3. You won’t hear the race mongrels, Sharpton or Jackson on this. Holder is also fucking racist that won’t step up as the nations top law enforcement official. Obama is a Muslim sympathizer anyway. So if is a white person getting beat or unarmed and shot by a black cop (Utah) he just don’t give a shit. None of them stepped up to condemn the knock out game. I’d bet though if a white guy pulled a guy and defended himself the “rev” Al would be all over it as soon as that $10k check clears and the white limo shows up to get him.

  4. Unfortunately, because so many of the attackers are minors we will not know about their economic, educational, and social status.

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