Pat Quinn keeps upping the ante in his jihad against scary guns.  It’s all an effort to distract from his scandal-plagued record as chief executive.  Just yesterday, his Democrat allies on the Cook County Board passed a measure to put a non-binding referendum on this November’s ballot there.

The measure will ask Cook County  voters if the state should “require universal background checks for firearm transfers” and ban scary guns and “high capacity ammunition magazines”.

In a press release praising the do-nothing measure, Quinn touts “a crying need for common-sense gun laws that make our communities safer.”

The same Pat Quinn is responsible for Illinois prisons releasing inmates early to ease over-crowding.

Here’s an example of what happens when Quinn’s early inmate release program collides with the sort of gun laws Quinn wants to impose upon Illinois residents.

That’s Mary Shepard, shortly after she was attacked by a parolee turned loose early under Pat Quinn’s program to ease overcrowding in Illinois prisons.

Mary Shepard was attacked while volunteering at her church, doing the work of treasurer.  She and another female 76-year-old fellow church member were savagely beaten by Willis Bates, one of Pat Quinn’s early release prisoners.  The 6-foot, 3-inch, 245-pound convict with a violent criminal record happened upon the women while he was burglarizing their small-town, Southern Baptist church in Anna, IL.

Willis Bates: Poster-child for Governor Pat Quinn’s early prison release plan.

Take another look at what Willis Bates did to Mary Shepard.

At the time of the attack, Mary Shepard had been through a number of firearm training classes and had a carry permit that would have been recognized in nearby Missouri, Kentucky and Indiana, but it was not valid in Pat Quinn’s Illinois, so Mary Shepard left her gun at home.

And this is what happened.

Today, Pat Quinn is campaigning to ban scary guns from the hands of card-carrying good guys while ignoring the collateral damage of his flawed early release program which puts violent offenders out on our State’s streets to victimize the innocent.

Pat Quinn would love nothing more than to pass new gun control laws that would leave all Illinoisans as defenseless as Mary Shepard was on that fateful day.

Unfortunately for him, people like us stand in his way.

4 thoughts on “SHAMEFUL: Quinn campaigns against guns while ignoring carnage from his early inmate release program”
  1. Pat Quinn looks as though he’s once again written off most of Illinois.

    I hope he can’t fabricate enough votes (yes, I mean voter fraud) to win once again.


  2. Maybe, Master Bates can go to the border to hand out democrat voter registration cards and EBT cards for their POT in Colorado.

  3. I’ll bet while that beating was happening and she thought she was going to die, she was thinking that leaving that gun at home just to follow an unconstitutional law, wasn’t such a good idea. I’m over the whole “we need to fight them at the ballet” or “stand and fight with us, but please send us your much needed contribution” crap the NRA is stating. Enough already! At this point, with all these tyranical leaders pushing these stupid laws, I just want the NRA to tell me one thing, where the battle lines are and where to report for duty, with all available Patriots, arms and ammunition! Do you honestly think it is going to magically change in November, or ever?! We’re not Law Abiding Citizens, we are Docile Controlled Sheep! Take a look around! Just on this site alone we can see the fall of America! We have let the anti-American, anti-freedom, pro-control crowd nueter this once strong nation! These pacifier sucking wussies will not save you, your family or this country when the S–T hits the fan! Why are we letting cowards lead us or even tell us what to do! If we don’t engage this fight, the REAL fight now, in 20 years, the mere mention of a gun out of your mouth will land you in jail! Then again, with all these invaders coming in, in 20 years we might be under a different flag, if here at all! Good luck!

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