Thugs in Chicago: sit up and take note.

More and more Chicago residents have concealed carry licenses now, and know how to use their pistols.

Denzel A. Mickiel learned the hard way that good guys in Illinois sometimes carry guns – and they don’t shoot sideways, over their head or while holding up their pants with their off-hand.

It all went down in the West Pullman neighborhood of Chicago, as a woman noticed someone had put a bottle of booze on her car.  She asked the attendees to whom it belonged to and nobody fessed up.  So she removed it.

Young Denzel, aged 22 and old enough to know better but a ghetto tough guy reputation to uphold, became incensed and profane.  He got in the woman’s face and became violent, then went into the house and came back out with a gun.

A military service member, who was an acquaintance of the woman who removed the booze from her car, drew his carry piece and took cover behind a car.  When Mickiel began blasting away, the concealed carry licensee fired two rounds, scoring two hits on Denzel.

One female bystander was injured by one of Mickiel’s errant rounds.

“No way! There’s no way guns save life!” Rahm is surely saying today, despite the story of a card-carrying good guy stopping a senseless shooting rampage by one of Chicago’s thugs.

No innocents were injured by the card-carrying good guy.

Rahm Emanuel is surely sitting in his office trying to figure out how to spin this story negatively and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy is probably looking for a stiff drink or three.  McCarthy was hired by Emanuel some years ago from Corey Booker’s Philadelphia.

Booker had high hopes for McCarthy but things didn’t work out so well.  When he was hired for the City of Brotherly Love, Booker touted McCarthy’s great prowess to the New York Times.

“Garry McCarthy is the leader Newark has been looking for,” said Mayor Booker, who has made public safety the linchpin of his administration. “I’m confident that with his leadership, combined with all of our efforts across the city, we will create a nationally recognized model for crime reduction.”

A few year later, after failing to live up to Booker’s laudatory remarks, McCarthy quietly left for Chicago.

So, what ever happened to McCarthy’s “recognized model for crime reduction”?

He brought it to Chicago, of course.

It doesn’t seem to be working so well though.

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8 thoughts on “RAHM SAYS “IMPOSSIBLE!”: Illinois CCW licensee shoots down rampaging thug”
  1. So, did the state pick up the expenses for repairing and feeding this idiot for arrest ?

  2. Hiz Honor Rahm Emanuel looks like he either has naturally droopy eyelids, is perpetually tired from conducting political hanky panky all night, is an alcoholic, or is a druggie. Maybe all the above. He just looks like a distrustful person. If I ever envisioned what the Antichrist will look like, Rahm is the man! Yes, I agree with the author of this article, Rahm is probably strategizing right now how he can spin this story to make it sound like a CCW permit holder became a vigilante and used his weapon to shoot a young man who was just the victim of his environment. It would not surprise me if the good guy spends time in prison for his good deed. I wonder if President Obama will make a public statement that if he had a son, the boy would look like Denzel A. Mickiel, the gang banger who learned the hard way not to stir up trouble. Obviously I am not impressed with Mayor Emanuel, President Obama, or Denzel Mickiel. To me they are all cut out of the same corrupt mold. And to all you liberals who criticize me for my stereotyping and rush to judgement, I am only armed with the facts contained in this article, the same as you, unless you were an eye witness to the shooting.

  3. Jim,

    I have no doubt that Denzel Ezekiel was just rudely awoken from his restful sleep by a loud party. Denzel wanted to get a good night’s rest before he got up early to go to church and serve in his role as choir boy for the monsignor.

    After church, he was probably going to feed the homeless, and then spend the rest of the afternoon researching a cure for cancer.

    After taking his mom and dad, and fellow siblings to dinner, he would probably spend some quality time with his fiance before returning home to get a good night’s rest before he had to go to work Monday.

    Oh wait.

    Maybe I should instead be looking this shitbird up on the IDOC website or at Judici. I have a feeling he’s not quite the angel I described above.


    1. Sam, I doubt Mr. Mickiel was the perfect angel too; but just watch, we will hear what a good boy he was and he would never do anything like shoot someone over a drink that was knocked off a car. I like your sarcasm.

  4. You have to wonder what Masterbrain in the Yankee cap is trying to accomplish. Is he waiting for it to smile or is he waiting for a third eye hole to appear in his forehead?

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