Strong mom. Tanya Mount, Army veteran and CCW license holder.

A concealed carry licensee and Army veteran mom banned from her child’s elementary school last fall received a $1,000 cash settlement, plus reimbursement of legal fees, from the school after initiating legal action following the “no trespass” order.

The ugly incident was precipitated by the school’s principal snooping on the mom’s Facebook page and discovering that the mom was a concealed carry license holder.  The principal, “Dr.” Janina Dallas, took the information about the woman’s CCW license to police and said she was scared of the parent.

Police later told the mother of the child that she was unwelcome at the school and interrogated her about her CCW status and her status serving in the U.S. Army.

The mother, Tanya Mount, pulled her child from the school and demanded an apology.  When she failed to receive an apology, she initiated legal action.

The suit was settled in recent weeks for $1000 plus reimbursement of all legal expenses.

It’s too bad Janina Dallas didn’t have to pay the settlement out of her own pocket.



6 thoughts on “SETTLEMENT: CCW mom gets cash from school after ugly incident”
  1. this teacher is allowed to keep her tenured position without consequences and spew her Treasonous and seditious pandering! This lady does not know a thing about the Constitution, she is an asshole! knocking a Veteran who who has been there done that while this self righteous protected ingrate craps her Panties over face book page then the so Called Police Dept of this area Harnesses her! This teacher ought to be investigated by the FBI for providing sexual favors to the chief of Police! For the Army Vet good to go!


  3. She just goes all bell ringing crazy when a ” Poptart ” truck drives by here school.

  4. Dr. Janina Dallas is living proof that further education does not make one smart. Kudos to Tanya Mount for taking these fools to task.

  5. Strong woman is right!

    Go Tanya Go!

    As for that principal, what a twit.

    She should be canned.


  6. STAY OFF FACEBOOK!! Why, why, why would anyone put all their personal info out there for the whole world to see? Then they wonder why shit like this happens.

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