Tiffany Miller.

Joe Huffman from The View From North Central Idaho found a Professor of Low-Information Voters posting on Facebook.

She likes to post on Facebook – a lot.

From a Comment to Hillary Clinton On Gun Control: We Can’t Let ‘A Minority Of People’ Terrorize The Majority

Tiffany Miller · Top Commenter · Keiser University

… Most gun owners in this country are rural bumpkins who don’t have any education at all.
June 17 at 8:54pm

Really now?

This is from a girl who worked (past tense) at Sam’s Club after graduating high school and attending Keiser University.

Here are some more of Professor Miller’s recent intellectual nuggets offered as pearls of wisdom.

I sure am glad she set me straight on these matters of politics, foreign policy, economics, domestic energy production, social issues and more.

I wanted to share this to help school my fellow rural bumpkins who don’t have any education at all.




14 thoughts on “Meet Tiffany Miller, Professor of Low Information Voters”
  1. Actually, I don’t think she (he, it?) is a low information voter. No information voter would be more accurate.

    Kind of looks like one of those that get arrested on “Cops” that are really men in drag, in rather short skirts.

  2. Yeah, I think any possible gender issues is the least of her problems. Hopefully someday she’ll grow out of her naivete.

    Until then, we get treated to an opinionated individual intent on removing all doubt that she’s not a fool.


  3. “Better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt.”
    Well, it’s obviously too late for her/him. [edit by jboch]

  4. For a liberal being , abortion on demand didn’t work for this person by Gosnell.

  5. I think anyone that goes on a date with Tiffany is going to find an outie, not an innie, if you know what I mean.

    Then again, any guy worth even half a damn would be repulsed by this obnoxious “woman”‘s idiocy right out of the gate, long before the date moved to the petting stage.


  6. I think I lost brain cells reading this thing’s posts. Weapons-grade, epic, burning STOOPID!

  7. First, that cannot be a woman… looks waaaaay to much like a dude.

    Second… if (s)he is a professor… it begs the question the legitimacy of our education system.

  8. Sadly, millions of people like this air head live among us. The thought that they vote and procreate makes me nauseous.

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