That’s a dead body.  Right underneath a “NO GUNS” sign over the door.

Criminals apparently didn’t care if their was a “NO GUNS” sign around or not.  It’s not like a felon committing a felony carrying a gun is going to care about some silly sign, right?

Just in case you think that’s an isolated incident, check this out:

Yeah, that’s an investigation of another shooting.

Funny how bad guys ignore those signs.

6 thoughts on “HARD TO BELIEVE, RIGHT? Criminals ignoring “NO GUNS” signs”
  1. I let everyone I know that they must boycott any business that posts by choice for 2 reasons….

    1) that business discriminates against law abiding citizens exercising a Constitutional right, including THEM.

    2) the signs is a welcome for criminals looking for an easy target and they could be in the place when the SHTF.

    1. Right On! Will they ever learn, signs for speed limit, ignored. Hell, what good does it do to print laws that say “Pay your taxes”, Geitner doesn’t obey that, so why do they think criminals will? That makes no sense at all!
      Do they think every criminal can be stopped by just printing some words? NUTS !
      Why don’t they stick a sign on their back saying, “Your can’t shoot, rape, or rob me”. Would be the same thing. Bring ’em down to the Alabama river, and see if the snakes and gators obey!

  2. Your “NO GUN” sign sets you up to the criminal element, who will ignore it. I don’t intend to become a victim because of your ignorance. The punks don’t obey signs, and gun laws.

    I went somewhere else to do business.

  3. When criminals see “No Guns Allowed” signs. It only tells them that they can rob that place in relative safety as the chances that people will shoot back is minimized. It seems that Chipotle Restaurants, Texas Road House Restaurants and Starbucks are safe places for the criminal element. I will not be going there ever again! I refuse to be a victim because of the ignorance of these places.

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