…Or are these thugs smart?

In Fort Wayne, five thugs armed with an assortment of weapons, broke into a home they believed was a drug house.

It wasn’t.

The intruders made everyone on the first floor lay down on the floor.  Unfortunately for the young drug- and money-seeking low-lifes, there was a resident on the second floor with a gun.

When one of the intruders went upstairs to search for loot, he encountered said armed homeowner and barricaded himself in the bathroom rather than get shot.  In the commotion, one of the residents on the first floor yelled up for the person on the second floor to get the AR-15.

Hilarity ensued as it was a Chinese fire drill to escape the house…  with even the guy in the bathroom busting through the door to get out as quickly as he could.  They wanted no part of that action.

The residents tackled him and held him for police.

Here’s his picture.

Nathan L. Simmerson.  Just plain ‘skeered’ of an AR-15.  Not so tough or brave when his victims are his equal when armed with a gun.

FORT WAYNE (Journal-Gazette) – A Fort Wayne man accused of invading a home with four other men was arrested after the others left him trapped in a bathroom and the residents held him until police arrived.

Nathan L. Simmerson, 20, of the 300 block of West Williams Street, was formally charged Wednesday with burglary for what police said was his role in the home invasion in northeast Fort Wayne.

Simmerson and four others, at least two of whom were armed, went to a home Saturday evening in the 4500 block of Hartford Drive, near Stellhorn and Lahmeyer roads, where they donned masks and forced their way into the home when a resident answered the door, according to a probable cause affidavit.

Once in the house, Simmerson went upstairs and encountered a resident armed with a handgun, prompting Simmerson, armed with a crowbar, to barricade himself in a nearby bathroom, the report said.

7 thoughts on “BRAVE THUGS? Five armed home invaders flee as resident goes for his AR-15”
    1. The FBI classifies assault with a crowbar as “Blunt objects clubs,hammers, etc.”

  1. Hey Piers Morgan, now do you see why we need AR 15’s that hold lots of ammo ? you thumb sucking commie liberal pants wetter.

  2. ” Blunt objects ” can be used for anti-gunners and gun control politicians ?

  3. When Chris Torres yelled upstairs for Cody to grab the AR-15, I believe we saw them shit their pants.

    Cody did not hesitate to trade the handgun for the AR-15.

    Brave thugs? No lmfao,
    They were so stupid they didn’t realize the street was lined with cars and the people outside saw them putting masks on.

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