Two weeks ago, in response to fringe open-carry activists carrying long-guns in one or two of their stores, Jack-in-the-Box went public with a “request” that law-abiding gun owners leave their guns at home while visiting the stores, making themselves a “GUN FREE ZONE”.

How’s that “GUN FREE ZONE” policy working for Jack in the Box since its nation-wide enactment two weeks ago?

Not one, not two, but three armed robberies at their stores.  OneTwoThree.

How’s that “NO GUNS” policy keeping good guys disarmed working out for you, Jack-in-the-Box?

If you’re a restauranteur – or own any commercial business – do you really think (not ‘feel’, but ‘think’) “NO GUNS” is a good choice for your business?

4 thoughts on “KARMA II: Third armed robbery at Jack-in-the-Box since going “NO GUNS” two weeks ago”
  1. Every employee is at risk of getting killed because of some a**hole at corporate making decisions that are anti freedom and anti self defense. that person hides in an office somewhere while the store workers get to deal with the bad guys. I say total boycott till they ” see the light ” and if my loved one worked at one of the stores I would have them quit ASAP for their own safety, certainly another low paying job could be found that doesn’t involve as much risk of getting killed.

  2. I want to see a lawsuit filed by a CCW permit owner present at one of these “lawful gun free” zone stores during the incident… that couldn’t protect herself because of a business owner’s politically correct policy that only allows bad guys to enter with weapons.

    If a business requires customers to disarm themselves at the door, then it sure seems like they are assuming the responsibility for every customer’s safety while in the store.

  3. I guess that is why Burger King is getting rid of the motto ” have it you way ” in a gun free zone. Thugs know you can have it your way in a gun free zone.

  4. Corporate shills care about nothing about the peasants except their money

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