Remember the Christopher Dorner manhunt last year in California where cops were on edge and rapidly and promiscuously opened fire several times without much in the way of provocation?

Well, it seems cops in Massachusetts suffered the same affliction in their efforts to take down the welfare-recipient islamic terrorists who bombed the Boston Marathon last year.

“The cavalry came,” one officer said.  The reporter in the story wrote:  But nobody was leading the charge.

(NBC News) – When [scumbag’s name redacted] turned his gun on MacLellan, the sergeant put his cruiser in drive, hopped out with only his service pistol and sent it rolling toward the [scumbag’s name redacted] brothers to draw fire. He began yelling into the radio, “Shots fired! Shots fired!”

The suspects now revealed they had other weapons in their arsenal. Some kind of homemade device came flying at the officers and exploded when it hit the pavement. It was an exact replica of the nail-stuffed pressure cooker bombs that had torn the flesh from spectators at the marathon that Monday.

“Chief, they’re shooting. They’re throwing bombs at us,” Reynolds told Deveau. “And I think these are the guys that killed the MIT officer.”

Other Watertown officers were pulling up at the scene as more bombs came flying from the east end of Laurel Street. One, Jeffrey Pugliese began moving toward the [scumbag’s name redacted] brothers on the northern side of Laurel, in a classic flanking maneuver.

With police dispatchers throughout the region now involved in marshalling a response, soon cops, state troopers and federal agents — representatives of more than a dozen separate agencies in all — began descending on Laurel Street.

Some of the officers were already part of the investigation, or had been dispatched. Others “self deployed,” meaning they were volunteers, unknown men with guns who arrived unannounced in the middle of a shootout. By the end of the shootout, there was even a National Guardsman in tan fatigues and helmet on nearby Mt. Auburn Street.

emphasis added.

In the end, it’s believed that the older [scumbag’s name redacted] brother perhaps fired as few as ten rounds.

Cops, on the other hand, blazed away, shooting the heck out of everything, including one another.

More than a dozen officers were injured or wounded by bullet fragments.  One cop, from the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (yes, everyone and their dog were getting in on the action) took a round in the jewels and bleed profusely, but he survived.

Then [scumbag’s name redacted]’s younger brother [scumbag’s name redacted] jumped into the SUV, swung it around in a U turn, and began accelerating toward the clot of officers hovering over his brother. The officers jumped out of the way. [scumbag’s name redacted] didn’t. The SUV ran over [scumbag’s name redacted] and dragged him 25 to 30 feet, and then swung out onto Dexter and vanished into the night.

We couldn’t think of a more just dessert for the islamic scumbag… to die by the tires of an SUV driven by his kin.  Why couldn’t we do that with more criminals?

A while later, the younger scumbag was in a boat in the back yard of somebody’s house, unarmed, and the cavalry arrived again.

[scumbag’s name redacted] was pushing a long, thin object up through the boat covering. The object later turned out to be a fishing gaff, which [scumbag’s name redacted]may have been trying to use to push up the tarp so he could see out.

But one of the snipers on the roof saw the object and began shooting. It sparked a round of what is known as “contagious fire,” where other officers with their fingers on the trigger began peppering the boat with bullets.

The commander began shouting for the officers to cease fire, but the fusillade went on for 10 seconds. Hundreds of rounds were expended.

emphasis added.

Hundreds of rounds were expended shooting at an unarmed man in a boat on dry land?

Houston, do we see a problem here?

While detached reflection isn’t demanded in the presence of an upraised knife, it’s pretty obvious a whole lot of cops are squeezing off shots without justification both in LA and in Massachusetts, two states with some of the strictest gun control in America.

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