Yes, the people who hired Jody Weis to be an instructor with their training division…   and Lon Horiuchi’s partner from Ruby Ridge as well, have come out with a new, pump-action AR-15.

That’s right.  A pump action AR.


Is that crickets chirping the background?


Troy and Jack Booted Thugs

Troy Industries dumped Jody Weis roughly 12-hours after Guns Save Life sounded the alarm of the treacherous hiring of one of America’s most rabidly anti-gun police administrators by a gun company.


News of Weis’ hiring led gun owners to discover that Troy Industries also had Dale Monroe on the payroll.

Who is Monroe?

He’s the jack booted thug who, according to the LA Times, said he would have shot Vicky Weaver if fellow jack-boot Lon Horiuchi had not fired first.

Ruby Ridge Snipers Defend Their Actions in Front of Senate Panel

(LA Times via The Tech – Sept. 15, 1995) – FBI snipers Thursday defended their actions at the 1992 Ruby Ridge siege where a white separatist’s wife was killed, contending that danger to an FBI observation helicopter from armed men outside the separatist’s cabin justified opening fire.

Vicky Weaver.

But skeptical senators questioned whether permissive shoot-to-kill orders and exaggerated information about the threat of Randy Weaver led to an overreaction.

Dale R. Monroe, the partner of FBI hostage rescue team leader Lon Horiuchi – who fired the fatal shot – said he was preparing to fire but didn’t only because Horiuchi fired first.

Horiuchi invoked his Fifth Amendment protection against self-incrimination Tuesday after the Senate Judiciary subcommittee on terrorism refused to give him limited immunity from prosecution.

Here’s a picture of the woman Lon Horiuchi killed with a rifle shot as she was armed with an infant in her arms.

While Troy canned Jody Weis right away, they stood by their man Dale Monroe, the would-be lady killer.

Steve Troy, the company’s founder, wrote on

…On August 22, 1992, Dale was an HRT Operator tasked to a mission in which he found himself facing armed adversaries. His thoughts were not only on the situation at hand, but the tragic death of a child and a U.S. Marshal. During this type of confrontation when people die, you don’t have the ability to pick sides, they are drawn before you arrive. Dale did what he was trained to do as a sniper / observer. He was fortunate not to have to take a life at this engagement. Special Agent Horiuchi made the regrettable shot, a mistake for which he will never be forgiven. Of the FBI Agents assigned to the Ruby Ridge tragedy, Dale has been one of the most outspoken. He has delivered dozens of presentations to more than 1000 civilians titled “Mistakes and Lessons of Ruby Ridge”. I weighed carefully the decision whether or not to retain Dale and could find no ethical or moral reason to remove him.

Yeah, Dale Monroe is a real patriot.

And now Steve Troy brings us this dog of a gun.

A pump-action AR-15 for the residents of states like Connecticut, New York and Colorado.

What a nice guy.

You’ll have to forgive us if we don’t get excited about anything from Troy Industries…  especially a PUMP-action AR-15.



2 thoughts on “FROM THE PEOPLE THAT HIRED JODY WEIS & LON HORIUCHI’S PARTNER: Troy Industries give us the pump-action AR-15…”
  1. To Steve Troy if you or one of your underlings reads this: Horiuchi and Monroe both had choices not to pull the trigger up to the point of doing so. ‘Just doing my job’ was the same excuse given at Nuremberg and was judged to be no excuse for unethical and immoral behavior. The ATF and FBI clearly overstepped as evidenced by facts at hand and the settlement Randy Weaver received. Those present should should have been tried for murder or aiding and abetting.

    That you even considered hiring, did hire and attempted to justify and lessen Ruby Ridge is tragic at the least. ‘Lessons learned’ my ass. There are plenty of talented individuals out there with spotless employment records that would be an asset, but you ignored that. You chose poorly. You are no friend to liberty lovers and gunnies. I will be reminding all my friends why they should never spend one dime on any Troy products. Plenty of other competitors to buy from.

  2. “I weighed carefully the decision whether or not to retain Dale and could find no ethical or moral reason to remove him.”

    I can find no ethical or moral reason to purchase Troy products.

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