Lots of details coming out about the Ft. Hood massacre today.


Shooter offed himself, as is customary in these spree killings.

Shooter is said to be, by CNN, Ivan Lopez.

Oh yeah, did we mention Ft. Hood is a “Gun Free” zone?  How’s that “Gun Free” zone thing working for ya?


4 thoughts on “Fort Hood II: 4 dead, 14 wounded, shooter offs himself”
  1. The ” leader ” will answer quickly that it was ” all the tea party members in a drive by shooting ” based on Holder’s input.

  2. The rule makers need to understand “Gun Free Zones are Killing Zones.” If bad people want to shoot people and do other bad things they like to go to places which offer little firearm resistance and who can shoot back!

  3. When the siren sounds, shelter in place! I wish I had a video clip of John Wayne saying that. I don’t think it exists.

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