Mar 18, 2014


I voted today.

Did you?

Note:  Turnout is light…  very light.

When you vote today, thanks to the light turnout, it magnifies the significance of your vote.

So, if you haven’t voted yet, do so.


8 thoughts on “VOTE!”
  1. I voted at 6:10 this morning. I was number 3 according to the voting machine. There was one car in the parking lot when I got there, there was one car in the parking lot when I left. When I tried to leave,the stream of cars driving past the polling place, heading to Peoria, looked like the tri-state in Chicago…. maybe those folks will vote tonight, after work.

  2. You could swing a cat at my polling place and not hit anything except an empty voting stall.


  3. I was first in line at my Peoria polling place and was done and headed to work at 6:05 am.

  4. I just voted (3:15pm). Only 2 people leaving when I got there, and 1 person pulling in when I left. Paper ballot for me!

  5. At 9:15, I was the 38th voter at my precinct….and, per the poll workers, “Our FIRST Republican ballot!”

    UNREAL that they actually vocalized this!!!! Then again, I live in the re-PUB-lic of Urbana and voted behind a man who had suffered either a stroke or something and was NOT able to sign his name or understandibly verbilize his address. His caregiver had to put the pen in his hand and “help him sign his name”. Yea. Right.

    The poll worker’s question to him was “Democratic ballot, right?” (His caregiver’s response “Yea, for sure! Both of us!”)

    Made the hair on the back of MY neck stand on end.

  6. Very low turn out in my area. I voted after 5:00 pm and was number 46.
    I was going to say it was sad but the truth is this is TOTAL BULL. Our state is going to hell and very few took the time to vote.

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