A cowardly bigot’s rant

We received this letter post-marked Springfield from a self-admitted closed-minded bigot who is also an educator.  Woe be to her students.

Dear Gun Nuts,

The fact that there is a publication devoted to guns/gun owners is amazing to me.  The picture of the cute girl on the cover of the March issue makes me sick.  Who knows but what she may someday be the victim of the same weapon that she now “enjoys”?

The second amendment speaks of an armed “militia” – translation – military.  Unless you are in the military or in law enforcement, you nor anyone else has any business with a gun.  Want to hunt?  Keep your rifles stored in a secure location within your town/city and check it out for hunting, then return it.  The only reason to have a pistol is to kill.  If you use it for target shooting, etc., you really need to get a life.

I am a mother, grandmother, and educator.  I care deeply about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  You are taking away the rights of many to LIFE and to HAPPINESS when they are victims of gun violence or have to be worried about gun violence.  Nothing will change my mind, and nothing will keep me from viewing you and other gun owners as uneducated*, hard-core rednecks.  Just calling it as I see it.

If there have to be needless deaths by guns, God, let it be those who promote the ownership of them.  It is only fair.

A Loyal and Concerned Citizen
Springfield, IL

* Shouldn’t your org. be “Guns Save Lives”?  This seems like clumsy grammar.  Exactly my point above.


Here’s a pdf of her letter and the envelope.

41 thoughts on “PUBLIC SCHOOL TEACHER? Self-admitted bigot writes anonymous screed”
    1. Just who are you “thanking”? The dim-witted “educator” for spewing uninformed blather or John B. for presenting this worthless drivel for us patriots to disect and condem? Your “thank you” begs an explanation, Mr. Brown.

  1. “Irony” DEFN:

    SOmeone who writes a non-sentence like this: “Unless you are in the military or in law enforcement, you nor anyone else has any business with a gun. ”

    Transl: “you nor anyone else has any business….” Does that make any sense whatsoever? Probably to HER.

    then follows it up with the insult that GSL employs “clumsy grammar.”

    We’ve grown accustomed to the anti-gunners. What’s more disgusting to me is that she’s an educator and she thinks what she wrote is actually an English sentence.

    Sadly despicable.

  2. The State militia consists of all able-bodied persons
    residing in the State except those exempted by law.
    (Source: Illinois Constitution.)

    As an Educator maybe she should read more……

    1. Yes, and at the time the US and IL. Constitutions were written and ratified, the members of the militia were required to supply their own firearms and other weapons (knives, hatchets, etc.), possibly even their own powder and shot, and were expected to present themselves in a “well regulated mannner” (aka. “well regulated” meant that they were proficient in the use of weapons and also carried themselves well, not “slothfull”)

  3. It amazes me that these people are always hiding behind a false name and can never stand up and say they are proud of who they are and what they stand for.
    And I am ashamed and frightened that people like this are teaching our children. Maybe that is the biggest problem we face.

    Proud Soldier, Veteran, Parent and Gun Owner Patriot.

    1. Thank you, Mr. Harney, for your service, may God bless America again, and let’s hope this low-information “educator” seeks more truthful information than she has been relying on in the past. Our American revolution and the founding of our great country is so interresting it is shameful any “educator” is as misguided as this one is.

  4. She wants to quote the first half of the 2nd Amendment, but conveniently leaves out the second: the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Where is the mention of military or militia in that?
    As previously stated, she herself is a little lacking in grammar. When one uses “nor,” it is generally preceded in the sentence by “neither.”

    The other day, Newt said something to the effect that teachers are the prison guards of the modern educational system. This woman proves hime right.

    1. Consider that perhaps the author is merely another basement dwelling gun hater, and the “educator” label is merely an attempt to add some measure of authenticity to the letter.

    2. I think it is more a measure of authority, that she is trying to present, not authenticity.

    3. Looking back on it, she does not say that she is a teacher, just uses the “educator” label. That can mean many things. Parents are educators, more so than those who actually teach. I think you’re both right, the label is just to make others think she is someone.

    4. They also somehow figure that despite every other Amendment affirming INDIVIDUAL rights the 2nd doesn’t.

  5. “Nothing will change my mind, and nothing will keep me from viewing you and other gun owners as uneducated*, hard-core rednecks. Just calling it as I see it. […] I am a mother, grandmother, and educator.”

    Educator. Are you serious?! I would NEVER want my children to be taught by this close-minded piece of garbage. So, it’s socially acceptable to be prejudiced now as long as it’s not race related? So the Ph.D. holding professors at the University of Illinois that are 2A friendly are now “uneducated, hard-core rednecks”? So, my Master’s Degree is negated by the fact that I am a lawful, gun owning citizen? This ‘educators’ ignorance astounds me. You know, as an educator, I thought she’d know how to use a dictionary and look up the true definition of ‘militia.’ Whatever. I’ll leave her in the “Defenseless Sheeple” category and let her live her jaded ‘safe’ life.

    1. And another thing:

      Way to take a coward’s way out and leave us no chance (no return address) to provide a rebuttal and/or and opportunity to educate another low information voter. I really hope she reads this blog and sees my comments. Coward.

  6. This LOW-INFORMATION ‘educator’ states ” …I am a mother, grandmother, and educator. I care deeply about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. You are taking away the rights of many to LIFE and to HAPPINESS when they are victims of gun violence or have to be worried about gun violence…” SURELY this low-information ‘Loyal and Concerned Citizen’ is vehemanantly OPPOSED to the killing machine known as Planned Parenthood and their infanticide agenda called ABORTION, for without LIFE, these unborn children have no chance at LIBERTY and the PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS!
    TYPICAL low (NO?)-information idealogue spewing her hatred to those of us who believe in our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS!

  7. Dear “Loyal and Concerned”,

    I suggest that you come out to an introductory pistol class and learn about firearms you don’t like, the people you are characterizing as uneducated and the freedom we cherish and celebrate. At the range, you will meet some of the most profoundly kind, polite, responsible and intelligent people that you will ever meet.

    As an educator, you should recognize that stereotyping any group is just putting your own ignorance on display.

    Before you pass judgement on us or dismiss us as a bunch of uneducated rednecks, you need to get all the facts. Take an introductory NRA pistol class. They will supply the firearm and ammo. You don’t need a FOID.

    You need to get all the facts.

    1. Facts?
      She can’t HANDLE the facts!!!

      “She” is probably a “he”, a SON/NEPHEW…..not even a REAL woman….

      REAL women understand the NEED for firearms and training so that they can defend their families and their home.

      While I won’t deny there aren’t people who walk among us (and, sadly, they also vote), who think as this ‘PERSON WHO CAN TYPE’ does, they’re basically beyond help/rationalizing with, aren’t they?

      Lost causes. I’d prefer to try to educate someone who can HONESTLY read & comprehend the US Constitution.

      This one’s done. Put a fork in her/him.

  8. I hope she doesn’t give blood, spread the contagion in a bigger circle. But, she has so many innocent trusting minds to work her world view.

    Proud veteran, citizen and voter. Formerly, a body bag filler for foreign policy idiots. A.k.a Trip wire

  9. Maybe if there was a address we could send a box of those “dangerous” pop tarts and some pizza dough.

    1. OR, a finger and a thumb. (Ya know that got an HONOR student expelled last week, right?!?!?)

      Hmmmmmm…..Which finger do we send?

      YOU pick! :o) I’ve got one in mind, though.

      Voting booths open (and close) soon.

  10. Is “educator” the new pc term for teacher? This woman is sick. Using her logic the first amendment must also be void. One would have to have everything in print approved.

  11. “I am a mother, grandmother and educator…”

    My guess it the writer is none of the above, but rather some paid shill who’s job it is to flood local newspapers, blogs and public forums with antigun propaganda.

  12. I can’ believe that you publish this crap when somebody doesn’t have the guts to put their name on it.

  13. Well well , this educator needs to be educated on this subject that she knows nothing about. Maybe a class or a visit to a meeting would help I would be willing to pick her up and take her to a range for awhile then a good meal. Then a good meeting. Maybe we could have someone explain the WHOLE 2 Nd amendment to her She might change her mind

  14. I would say this woman is A perfect reason to home school your children!
    I’m a woman, a mother, a grandmother and educator; BIG DEAL what does she want a cookie.

    Gun nuts, red necks: thank you at least you got something right little Miss libtard.
    Any bets this woman would have worked for Hitler back in the 30’s?
    I will not change my mind! Again no one is impressed or cares.
    Jon i bet you love getting letters from these morons, well we all need a laugh

  15. I am an educator. It is obvious this woman knows little about American history. George Mason said that a militia is made up of an armed citizenry. A far cry from a “standing army.” (Which is how an organized military was defined is the 1770’s) I think that every teacher should be given the oppurtunity to defend themselves and their students. Teachers go through more backround checks than almost any other profession. This woman is a fool to be ignored and I pity the students who have to deal with her.

  16. I’m sure this moron would’ve written to the minutemen to be nice to the British so they stop burning and killing!

  17. Even the Delaware Supreme Court gets it: http://www.gunssavelife.com/?p=11614

    If no one carried, if the only weapons available were edged or blunt objects the advantage would to to the thugs and they could rule the streets with impunity. Even the innocent non-carriers would be less safe.

    Now the Left and “A Loyal and Concerned Citizen” need to get it.

  18. Yes you’ve read all these comments I suppose. Sooooo I know you’ve got a copy of gun news. So give the pres. A call ask him for my phone no. I’ll call you set it up for our next meeting pick you up , we’ll spend a couple hours at the range and go to a meeting — O K?

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