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Guns Save Life is offering one of the new Glock 42s, the new .380 Auto Colt Pistol cartridge offering from Glock, compliments of our friends at 10-8 Outfitters in Bloomington, for our March 2014 monthly drawing gun at the Rantoul meeting.  If you want to see it in the flesh, visit 10-8 Outfitters between now and March 11th and ask to see it.  They are at 1206 Towanda Avenue, Suite 1 (Behind Arby’s), Bloomington, IL  61701.

Our speaker:

Paul Lewis, a survivor of the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1979.  He was a young Marine, on his first full day in Iran, when the world went sideways on him.  He’ll tell you what it was like to be a hostage for 444 days under the feckless President Jimmy Carter – the man many thought to be the worst American President until now.


Tickets for the gun are just $5 each.

Admission to the GSL monthly meeting is free and open to the public.

Join 200-300 of your closest friends to hear history come to life on Tuesday, March 11th.

If you want to mail order some tickets ($5 each, or 5 for $25, or 10 for $50, or 20 for $100, or any other multiple your heart desires), send a check to Guns Save Life, Attn: G42 drawing, PO Box 51, Savoy, IL 61874.  Enclose a self-addressed, stamped envelope if you would like to receive the stubs.

The drawing will be held Tuesday, March 11th at The Linden in Rantoul near the end of the March 2014 Rantoul GSL meeting.

Entries received after Monday, March 10th will be returned, unopened if addressed as above.

Quick Review:  I fondled one today that had just been purchased by a Decatur, IL police officer.  In a word:  Nice.  It’s a bit bigger than my KelTec P3AT, and a whisker heavier.  There’s more to grab hold of though and the trigger is the same classic Glock trigger you’re used to if you’re already a Glock owner.  Unlike the P3AT and clones, it doesn’t have a *really* long trigger stroke.  Sights are a LOT better as well.

Stephen Stewart, the owner of 10-8, said he shot one in the past few days and it shot nicely.  “A nice, flat-shooting gun,” he said.  Twice.  He said he banged away on an 8″ steel plate shot after shot with nice control and recoil recovery.  His only criticism, “I wish it was a 9.”

Us too.  However, a .380 pistol shooting Hornady XTPs in particular, is surely better than that gun you left at home because it was too big/heavy/uncomfortable.  The Glock 42 feels good and it will be popular for good reason.

I mention Hornady XTP .380s because they seem to be the best .380 self-defense load out there.  Here’s why.

Here’s your chance to get the Glock 42 for as little as $5.

3 thoughts on “March GSL Rantoul lineup: Win a new Glock 42 .380 pistol, Iranian Hostage Crisis survivor”
  1. It’s a .380 cal, isn’t it?, I’ve been reading about it, sounds like a nice carry piece.

  2. I went thru grade school and High School with Paul Lewis, he’s a stand up guy and a great Marine. Looking forward to talking to him at the meeting.

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