Can you imagine something so kooky as posting your home that you’re wishing to sell as a “gun free zone” where prospective real estate agents wishing to show your house, along with prospective buyers would be forbidden from carrying inside?

From the Chicago Tribune:

Late last week, … the Illinois Association of Realtors unveiled a consent form that could take the conversation between real estate agents and home sellers into uncharted territory.

The form, if realty firms and agents choose to use it, allows homeowners to specify whether they would allow a potential buyer with a concealed firearm inside their property.

If the seller says “no,” an agent would display the state-authorized sign, a drawing of a black gun with a red circle and line through it, outside the home during all showings and open houses.

Uncharted territory?  The only thing uncharted is the stupidity of this idea.

It’s not like 49 other states haven’t blazed a trail before Illinoisans when it comes to how to handle CCW licensees.

This hits home for me as I will soon be listing my home for sale.  I guarantee you I will be checking the office of the real estate firm I’m planning to use to ensure they aren’t posted “no guns” before signing any listing agreement.

…And may the good Lord help any real estate agent who suggests posting my future listing “no guns”.