You’ve been cordially invited:

From the ISRA.

The gun control movement and their gun-grabbing pals in the Illinois General Assembly are preparing a major legislative attack on your right to keep and bear arms.  We have already seen a number of anti-gun bills introduced into the legislature.  Among them is a very bad bill that would require you to register all of your firearms annually and pay a hefty registration fee for each firearm – a fee to be paid every year.  That bill also requires you to register your ammunition purchases so that the State Police will be able to monitor how often you go shooting and how much ammo you expend.  Another, absolutely stupid bill would prohibit members of the VFW from maintaining firearms in their own VFW halls.  Not only do the antigunners hate our Constitution, they disrespect the brave veterans who fought to defend it as well.

Rep Michelle Mussman, one of the most rabid gun controllers in the Illinois House, will be holding a town hall meeting to discuss how she will work to advance her anti-gun agenda in the House this session.  During the course of the meeting, Mussman will attempt to indoctrinate attendees with half-truths and outright lies about concealed carry and the right to keep and bear arms.  It’s very important that lawful gun owners make their presence felt at Mussman’s town hall meeting.  It’s very important that the gun control movement’s lies be met head on by the truth about civilian firearm ownership.

WHAT:  Rep. Michelle Mussman’s town hall meeting

WHEN:  February 24, 2014, 7:00 PM

WHERE: Hoffman Estates Village Hall, 1900 Hassell Road, Hoffman Estates, IL


We hope that you can attend the meeting in Hoffman Estates.  Remember to wear an iGOLD or NRA t-shirt and hat.  Be sure to get to the village hall by 6:15 PM so that you can get a seat before the antigunners close the doors in your face.  We need to make sure that we pack the hall with supporters of our Constitution.

If you see the media at the village hall, be sure to approach the media representatives.  Tell them that you are a law-abiding firearm owner and that you object to efforts designed to deny you your right to keep and bear arms.

Be prepared to vigorously defend the 2nd Amendment and the liberties it bestows.  Be advised that you will be verbally attacked by Mussman and her supporters.  Do not be intimidated by the gun controllers.  Backing down from them now will result in an emboldened gun control movement having the goals of a ban on the possession and sales of most of the guns you now own.  If the gun control movement wins this round in the war to protect what is right, then it is just a matter of time before all gun ownership is obliterated.