CBS Miami is reporting on a store security guard at The Presidente Supermarket in Little Havana who engaged a lunatic wielding a sword who pledged to kill everyone.

Swinging the sword, Hector Hechavarria managed to wound one of the customers before a store security guard intervened and poked some holes in Hector’s plan.

After being perforated and leaking blood, Hector the Harmful ran outside and continued his tirade, at which point the security guard “asked” him to drop the sword.  For his effort in “asking”, the guard got clobbered in the head with the sword, fortunately apparently not with the business end.  When Hector failed to comply, the guard further perforated him, ending the rampage.



And then there’s the case in Detroit where a mom meets three thugs who kicked in her front door in a home invasion.

They weren’t counting on the fact that she was armed with a little friend very similar to the one pictured above.

We’ve even got video.

Clearly, the thugs came over the border from Canada to victimize this poor woman in Detroit.

Damn Canadians.


Furthermore, she’s got the complete support of Detroit’s police chief.

(WXYZ) – A Detroit mother opened fire Monday night when three suspects broke into her home.

Surveillance cameras caught it all.

The mother tells 7 Action News she “didn’t have time to get scared.” When she heard the door to her home on Woodrow Wilson being kicked in, she immediately warned the three teenage intruders and then opened fire.

UPDATE: Detroit Police Chief reacts, says, “She did the right thing.”

One of the teens dropped a handgun on his way out the door. He then tried to get back inside the house a second time, but was again met with gunfire. Once again, he took off and all three were arrested shortly after the incident by Detroit Police.




It’s hard to top that recount of an Armed American, but we think we’ve found one!

Blind man shoots at duo of home invaders.  Hits both!

From Bearing Arms

Here’s an odd self-defense tale out of San Jose:

A man who lives at this house told police that someone had shot at his house and was trying to break in. He says he got his own gun, fired back in the direction of the shots, and called 911.

When police arrived the intruder was gone, apparently having sped off in a car with at least one other person.

A short time later, a man was dropped off at a hospital with at least one gunshot wound and he died.

“After further investigation, they determined that the subject at hospital was related to incident that occurred here on Pine Ridge Way,” Officer Albert Morales said.

Police say there is evidence someone fired on the house, but they only have the resident’s version of events.

In general, it’s a horrible idea to shoot at sounds (“in the direct of the shots”), but the homeowner got lucky, and managed to hit someone attempting to gain entry. Good for him, right?

But that’s not the whole story.

The Mercury News chimes in, indicating that the second suspect was shot by the homeowner as well, and is being treated:

Law-enforcement sources said police have identified at least one other suspect in the case, a man who was taken to the hospital for a gunshot wound after being tracked to a location in South San Jose. The man, who is expected to survive, is believed to have been wounded by the same gunfire that killed the first man.

So the homeowner shot at the sound of gunfire, and scored two hits?

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