al jazeera, the international symbol and beacon of freedom, tolerance and understanding now has a branch in America.  It shouldn’t be surprising that al jazeera America (capitalization intentional) is just as active promoting freedom, tolerance and understanding here in the good old US of A as the rest of that so-called news agency is in the rest of the world.

(That would be sarcasm, for the sarcastically-challenged.)

Given their love of freedom, liberty and diversity, it’s probably not surprising that they are offering their network as a platform for fringe moonbats to promote racist, classist and sexist gun control proposals.

Just today, Marda Dunsky, a so-called journalist teaching at the Medill School of Journalism at Illinois’ Northwestern University was published, asking “Will we come to our senses on gun control in 2014?”

Well, Marda Dunsky, if you’re asking if the Mayor Bloomberg-bankrolled “Moms Demand Action” and similar groups will come to their senses and listen to logic, science and reason instead of promoting the same old failed policies that lead to a declining quality of life for Americans while hoping for a different outcome, you’re probably dead wrong.

In today’s al jazeera screed, Dunsky is advocating changing the perspective in which people look at the issue of rendering them helpless and defenseless against violent predators.  “Americans cannot continue to frame the issue in terms of narrowly defined freedoms,” she writes.

She continues, “[T]hese freedoms have proven to have dangerous, if not fatal, impacts on public safety. ”

Newsflash, woman:  Freedom is dangerous.  And framing the issue as a matter or freedoms and rights is exactly what we’re going to do because it’s 100% true!

“The events of recent years have shown Americans that our freedoms are not immutable and absolute but are subject to reinterpretation, revision and, in some cases, even limitation.”

She wants to “reinterpret” the Constitution, revising and limiting our God-given rights and freedoms.

That alone should make you nauseous.  But that’s what the neo-communists love to do.

She uses outright lies as part of her sleight of hand.  Dunsky wrote:  “Some gains have been made on the state level. California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland and New York passed tightened gun-control laws.”

Come again?

In that single line of her piece, the leftist Marda Dunsky makes Rod Blagojevich and Anthony Weiner look like paragons of honor, truth and virtue.  The only “Gun Control” law Illinois passed was one that literally specifies that non-compliance is neither a criminal nor a petty offense.

Illinois did pass a right-to-carry bill last summer, joining 49 other states with provisions for their states’ residents to carry a firearm for self-defense.  Illinois also struck down Chicago’s gun registration scheme, the Windy City’s approved gun list  and neutered their so-called scary gun ban.  All of this happened in a very blue state in a very post-Sandy Hook America.

In her next to last paragraph, she closes with a summary of her position:  “[W]e must begin the difficult task of redefining American freedom…”

Why are gun control activists such control freaks?

Instead of redefining our freedoms, we should be asking ourselves “What changes do I want to make to more fully take advantage of the ideals voiced in the Constitution and Bill of Rights?”

If you think for a minute that just because we here in Illinois got right-to-carry passed last year that our work defending Americans’ rights to defend themselves is anywhere near complete, think again.

If you’re not a member of the NRA and GSL, join today.  Get active.  Get involved.

Volunteer help from people just like you are how we counter the tens of millions of dollars former Mayor Bloomberg, George Soros and all the rest of their ilk give to these gun control organizations to foster their victim disarmament views.

By shining the light of truth on Moms Demand Action and al jazeera, we remind everyday Americans that gun control only increases violent crime and leaves good people defenseless from bad people with evil in their hearts.  The only thing that stops bad predators are good guys with guns.

Here’s this wretched woman’s piece.  We’re reluctant to give a link to al jazeera (capitalization intentional), but here it is.  With comments from us in red italics.


Will we come to our senses on gun control in 2014?
Americans cannot continue framing gun control laws in terms of infringement on their freedom.

That’s exactly what we need to do!  Frame this laws as the infringements they really and truly are!

(al jazeera) – Many Americans are hoping that 2014 will bring more of the gradual economic progress that is putting a few more dollars back into our pockets and thousands back to work.

What economic progress? 

But will 2014 also mark our emergence from the numbness that has stymied real progress on gun control – and continues to expose us to a national shooting gallery of sorts?

Recent headlines and morning news shows tout decreasing numbers of homicides in cities including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit, and so we bolster our sense of safety with these sound bites – even as Baltimore and Newark, among others, continue to struggle with rising rates of gun-related violence and death. Americans go to ordinary places – supermarkets, movie theatres, malls, workplaces, schools – every day expecting to be safe. But our expectations are dashed continually with new reports of shootings in public places.

Wait a minute, I thought Chicago’s mayor and police superintendent were touting their homicide reduction numbers of late!?!

13 thoughts on “Al Jazeera and Moms Demand Action see eye-to-eye on your gun rights”
  1. The irony is that ‘useful idiots’ like this that aid and abet the enemy (be it communists or jihadis) are the first ones dragged out into the street and slaughtered. And they never see it coming.

    1. Some of these idiots would probably be so taken by the Obama types, that they would actually volunteer to stand in front of the firing squad.

  2. More crazy control clowns trying to “redefine” what the Bill of Rights stand for and what they truly mean…

    Uhhhh…….. Where’s that Pepto.

  3. What utterly repugnant beliefs this woman has.

    How un-American, too.

    I think JC is spot on. If Al-Jazeera-types ever took over America, this woman would surely be on the short list for a rope around the neck.

  4. She should go on a fact or reality tour. Get a big Burk..ahhhh and go to any moslem country.

  5. Why is it that liberal commie scum like Marda ” the pot bellied pig ” Dunsky always want to destroy the freedom that we enjoy when instead they should take the easy way to getting the no freedom utopia they desire and move to N. Korea, Cuba, or one of the other paradises of safety and equality ?. maybe it’s because idiots like her and the commie mommies have never actually been to a place where the horrors of communism are everyday life. what a horses ass.

  6. I love how she just spews euphemisms left and right “redefine American freedom?” Seriously? It’s pretty well defined as it is. They are all fighting a losing battle and they know it.

  7. Perhaps she would like it if we “redefined” her 1st amendment right to freedom of the press. Make her a felon for exercising her “right”. ‘But wait’, she would wail, ‘that’s not the same thing!…’ as she was dragged off to jail. ‘Sorry’ say the jailers, ‘we’re narrowing your narrowly defined right even more.’

  8. Does she not understand that she’s talking about “redefining” her own freedoms? Oh, I forgot…none of it will apply to her!

  9. Re: the comment this twit made about : ” homicides in cities including New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit”

    -Lady,.. New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit” are the REASON WHY all good American’s SHOULD be ARMED. Going into any one of these places puts honest citizens life in real jeopardy.

    With a scorecard of what? 500 murders in 2013,.? you expect good people to actually GO into hell-holes like Chicago,..on business, – unarmed? Are you OUT-OF-YOUR-MIND ?

    New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and Detroit” ARE WHERE THE GANGBANG KILLERS ARE -Who -by the way, have TOTAL DISREGARD for ANY laws -however well-meaning they might be,..

    Democrat Liberal policies and mindsets are what created this situation, rewarding women for having MORE babies when they are already on Public Assistance, food stamps, W.I.C. Section 8 housing,… -collecting their reward each month using their government E.B.T. cards, they never ever have to lift a finger to even attempt to find a decent job. Is it any wonder at all why their children turn out the way they do? Joining a gang by age 12, and killing others by age 16…
    Is it any wonder YOU have problems with guns, Madam Liberal?

  10. She has a point (among her absurdities).
    We are able to reinterpret and revise and even limit freedoms.
    Our FOUNDERS understood this perfectly, which is why they crafted the MEANS to exact those very things. First and foremost is the obvious – and the one people like her FEAR the most. The Amendment Process.

    It’s not for courts or the judges or even juries within them to decide. It’s not even a particular congress alone to decide ( much less a state on its own) these matters. It takes all of us to act in concert to Amend the Supreme Law by which we consent to be governed.

    So by all means ma’am and AlJazeera, let’s talk openly and HONESTLY. Let’s see ya advocate openly for repeal of the Second Amendment. Ask the Chicago Tribune how that worked out for it when it actually voiced that very thing…..

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