This billboard along the I-55 Stevenson Expressway in Chicago is causing apoplexy among Moms Demand Action’s agitators.

The Chicago Tribune is just the latest mainstream media outlet to report on the manufactured kerfuffle over a billboard along the I-55 Stevenson Expressway in Chicago.

The billboard, pictured above, featured the suggestion:  baseball, apple pie and an AR-15 are “Pure American” – and they are!  Baseball is America’s favorite pastime, apple pie is America’s favorite pie and the AR-15 is America’s favorite rifle – outselling all other rifles by a wide margin.

There’s an entire niche industry in the gun world that revolves around products to customize the AR-15 rifle, including the “Slidefire” stock advertised on the billboard.

Of course, for Moms Demand Action, that can’t stand.

So they are trying to bully the sign company into pulling down the sign.  Nothing like respecting a diversity of First Amendment rights in their quest to suppress Second Amendment rights, right?

A Moms Demand Action Facebook post encouraging their supporters to demand the sign company take down the sign.

As hard as they try, freedom won’t die.

‘Pure American’ rifle billboard assaulted

(Chicago Tribune) – What’s as American as apple pie and baseball? Rifles, according to a new billboard beside a busy Chicago freeway.

The sign on outbound I-55 near Central Avenue features photos of a baseball mitt, an apple pie and a large, black rifle above the words “Pure American.”

“As a mom, I’m shocked and offended that I would be replaced in an idiom with an assault rifle,” said Nicole Chen, president of the Illinois chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a grass-roots group that advocates for what it calls “common-sense gun reforms.”

She’s “offended”.

We’re curious:  How much is Nicole Chen paid to be the president of the Illinois Chapter of Moms Demand Action.

Frankly, the whole Moms Demand Action organization sounds like it should be a porn flick series or an adult website.

Here’s our advice, ladies.  If you want action, visit a singles bar.

Just don’t find yourselves posted at She’s A


4 thoughts on “Moms Demand Action: As hard as they try, freedom won’t die”
  1. I am so disgusted with Moms Demand Action as well as all of the other anti-conservative groups. They preach tolerance until you express an opinion other than theirs. If the advertiser had placed a Planned Parenthood ad they would say nothing. They claim to be fighting to protect the children, yet millions of innocent babies lost to a socially accepted practice and nothing but silence from Moms Demand Action. Where are the moms demanding protection for the unborn? The hypocrisy you people display is revolting.

  2. That the “moms” say “our” children instead of YOUR children.
    It’s not just everyone’s Second Amendment rights they aim to usurp, they claim ownership (at least via the collective ) of quite literally everything. Kids included.

    As for MOMS DEMAND ACTION, I am left to wonder which they demand – bolt, lever, semi automatic or select fire?

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