Bill Mahar struggles to remain relevant with another bigoted swipe against mainstream America.

Friday, on his HBO program watched by 187 people world-wide, Mahar quipped, “Now that liberals have forwarded their agenda by inserting a mass gay wedding into the Grammys, conservatives must match them tit-for-tat by having a mass shooting at the Country Music Awards.”

Bill Mahar:  A classic…

Here’s a more entertaining idea, Bill:  How about you try to suck start a shotgun.

7 thoughts on “Crass Bill Mahar strikes again.”
  1. Nice “training” example set. You did the same irresponsible thing mahar did. Suck start a shotgun? Really? You advocate death over his speech – do much for respecting his right to speak, huh. This after you chide the moms for roughly the same thing.

    Here’s a thought.

    Clean up your act. The hypocrisy is harmful to the cause.

    1. Well well well, First of all this is the ONLY firearms / rights / freedom news and comment page that has balls enough to lay it on the line, if it’s to much for you stay out. secondly, Do you write to that commie sh#t bag Bill Mahar when he says things that offend us ?

      Garbage like Bill Mahar and the commie moms are destroying our country and working hard to strip our freedom. If they want to lie, say stupid stuff, etc. then they deserve to be ridiculed, insulted and treated like the dog sh#t that they are. and who care’s about political correctness or being rude ? think they feel bad for the damage they do ? NO they don’t . If your so damn worried about ” our cause ” then pull your thumb out of your mouth and start treating them like the traitor scum they are. Nice job as always Mr. Boch, thanks.

  2. Let us define “Bill” as a I’ve got a main stream for you America progressive democrap.

  3. Bill Mahar has never been funny. My wife and I have always found his crude language troubling enough. If a comedian can’t make you laugh without using four-letter words every sentence, then they aren’t that funny.

    And Bill: Well said. I think this is great site and I’m proud and honored to say I not only know the guy who runs the organization but trained under him. I like what they put up here and that’s what keeps me coming back! I learn things and laugh now and then. In other words, perfect entertainment.


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