Everyone always watches the Super Bowl commercials to find “the best one”.

This year, it wasn’t even close.

Budweiser scored a grand slam.  Probably the best Super Bowl commercial for years, in fact.

“A Hero’s Welcome”

See it yourself.

4 thoughts on “Best Super Bowl Commercial: Hands down – Budweiser’s “A Hero’s Welcome””
  1. As a Vietnam Veteran I am very happy with the reception todays Veterans receive. They sacrifice greatly and repeatedly. This old Veteran salutes them! Well done Budweiser

  2. I went to high school with the guy sitting next to the dog. I thought both the budweiser commercials were pretty good compared to others. I also liked the new chevy truck commercial with the bull.

  3. My wife thought the puppy commercial was better. I have to admit, I was moved by both.


  4. this Vietnam Vet says “Right on Brother” , you Fellows have had it tough with multiple tours! Welcome home, Good Job!

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