Is it really news when a group of liberal-leaning individuals wish to form a gun club to enjoy their appreciation for the fun and excitement of gun ownership?

Not to us it’s not.

We, as Guns Save Life, welcome everyone who enjoys gun ownership or wants to learn more about shooting.

We have members and regular attendees from across the political spectrum.  We even have those who may or may not belong to the Pink Pistols.  God bless them all, because we come out not to talk about a “Kenyan Muslim socialist” as one woman in this article refers to Barack Hussein Obama, but to talk about guns, gun rights and educating people about anything even tangentially related to guns.

It’s good to see positive reporting about gun owners and we welcome it regardless of the political ideology of those profiled.

So This Is What the Liberal Version of the NRA Looks Like

(The Blaze) – They meet on weekends for target practice, they’re more than 1,000 strong, they recently formed a new chapter in Northern California and they call themselves liberals.

It’s the Liberal Gun Club, the left-leaning version of the National Rifle Association.

The group’s members share the same fascination with guns that many assign to NRA members, but Liberal Gun Clubs members eschew the NRA’s notoriously right-leaning politics.

“We make ourselves a special place where we don’t have to hear about the ‘Kenyan Muslim socialist’ in the White House,” Marlene Hoeber — a tattooed, transgender, “queer activist” who likens her politics to Emma Goldman, a popular 20th century anarchist — told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Hoeber, a biotech equipment mechanic, said she is intensely proud of the fact that she is not an NRA member. The owner of several firearms, including an M1 carbine rifle from World War II and a .44-caliber pistol that she had custom-made, Hoeber prefers to meet with other left-leaning members of the Liberal Gun Club to share her love of guns.

The group, like the NRA, supports the right of American citizens to own and carry a wide array of firearms. Most members of the Liberal Gun Club even think recent calls for expanded background checks on gun owners go too far.

However, as the Chronicle noted, that’s where the similarities between the two groups end.

“If I walk into a gun store with an Obama T-shirt — which I wouldn’t wear, because he’s too conservative — I don’t fit,” Democratic Party activist and Liberal Gun Club member Eric Wooten said.

3 thoughts on “The “Liberal Gun Club” looks a lot like us…”
  1. HEy, every good Communist loves guns. How d’ya think they defeat the unarmed populace everywhere?

  2. Another good illustration of why “gun owner” doesn’t describe any particular type of person. The liberals love to portray us as ignorant red-necks, while not considering themselves “gun owners” even though they keep a gun on the bedside table. Moreover, we must not fall into the trap of believing that because someone is a “gun owner” they have any interest in preserving our 2nd Amendment rights.

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