A Marlin 25N with an aftermarket sling and scope.

People are going to die over this.

What a shame.

How long will it be before enough people die that gun grabbers will cease their Quixotic quest to disarm us all?

After all, it’s logical to say that if gun owners were as unhinged and violent as gun banners say we are, there wouldn’t be any gun banners left!

From The Truth About Guns:

New York’s SAFE Act is a bad, bad thing. It requires people to register, sell or transfer (out of state) “assault rifles” and “high capacity” magazines. Many Empire State gun and standard capacity ammunition magazine owners have complied. Many have not. So, at some point, the State’s gonna go get ‘em. People on both sides of the law enforcement divide will die and the s will hit the fan. Meanwhile, there it is: the reason why expanded background checks, indeed all background checks and any type of registration, set the stage for confiscation. And tyranny. [ED: This notice was sent for New York City residents, based on New York City laws, not necessarily SAFE Act provisions.] [h/t DrVino]

3 thoughts on “New York City begins gun confiscations.”
  1. NY gun owners will roll over and take this, none will fight, they have demonstrated their willingness to give up the fight over and over throughout the years, case in point they were stupid enough to register their guns to begin with.

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