What kind of sickos would create a video game to recreate the Sandy Hook massacre?

Ones that are opposed to gun rights and self-defense, that’s who.  Once again proving that gun control activists are the lowest of the low when it comes to despicable human beings.

(National Review) – A new pro-gun-control game allows players to reenact last year’s Sandy Hook elementary school massacre.

The game, The Slaying of Sandy Hook, has players to carry out a bleak, stylized version of the shooting, which took the lives of 20 children and six adults. Players take on the role of Adam Lanza, the perpetrator, and text boxes prompt them to pick up a Glock pistol, move into the bedroom of Lanza’s mother, Nancy, and shoot her four times, just as Lanza did in real life. They are then directed to pick up an AR-15, ammunition, and Nancy Lanza’s car keys.

The game then moves to Sandy Hook Elementary where players have an 11 minute time-limit to kick in classroom and bathroom doors and slaughter students and teachers as they flee or cower on the ground. There are no voices or music; the only sound effects come from gunfire and bullets impacting bodies. When prompted, players may also end the game by committing suicide.

Players are then presented with a results screen, which informs them of the number of surviving students and teachers, including whether they hid, played dead, or were wounded…



3 thoughts on “SICKO: Gun haters create game to reenact Sandy Hook”
  1. It’s clearer than ever, the anti freedom pukes just love mass killings. it furthers their agenda of less freedom and promotes restrictions making it harder for law abiding people to defend against sick maniacs. for anyone that ever thinks what I say isn’t true…. then why do they work so hard to keep gun free killing zones alive and well ?.

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