CNN’s Piers Morgan, one of the lowest rated members of CNN’s stable of so-called talent, tweeted yesterday touting the wonderful good news that the federal government shutdown will cause a delay in NICS checks on firearms purchases – in essence a bonus gun control.

Like most things when it comes to guns, Piers is about as correct as a broken clock.

Emily Miller weighed in to let the air out of Piers’ party balloon.

Who is Emily Miller?

Emily J. Miller is the Senior Editor of the Washington Times Opinion pages, the first Washington Times journalist to be awarded the prestigious Clark Mollenhoff Award for Investigative Journalism. (from Wiki)

CNN must have some reason to hire this bloviating narcissist Piers Morgan.  Perhaps he really connected with low-information voters like Rachel Jeantel.  Perhaps it was because they wanted to lure Morgan away from MSNBC to keep the idiocy and moon-battery at that network below critical mass.

In either event, when it comes to guns, Piers Morgan’s savvy and intellect makes an idiot look like a savant.


4 thoughts on “PIERS MORGAN: Gov’t shutdown means gun permits delayed. Wrong, again, Piers.”
  1. Piers Morgan plays the role of network idiot pretty well.

    Only thing is that his network village is so full of idiots and it’s hard to tell when one goes missing.

    It could be worse. He could be working for MSNBC, or Current TV (now Al-Jazeera)

  2. Go back to England you limey fuck… before one of us bad, bad Americans shoots you! 🙂

  3. You stupid [edit… family friendly forum here] Morgan. We dont want to be like the English pussies we kicked out of this country so long ago….Lets see we saved your little [ahem] asses in two world wars and yet a piece of feces like you seems to think your opinion matters. Go back to England and get bitch slapped by jeremy clarkson again. The best part of you ran down your mothers leg.

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