Sep 25, 2013

Obama’s gloating yesterday at the UN in this photo as he contemptuously orders John Kerry to sign the UN Global Gun Control Treaty.

Kerry signed it today.

We’ll post this as is without further comment, as difficult as that may be.


7 thoughts on “Contempt.”
  1. But but but – this is the best deal they could get.
    It’s advancing the right. It’s a step forward. Trust then – let the professionals worry about that stuff.

    Now we just need the NRA helping to implement it and we have at a international scale what’s going on here at the state level.

    So tell me then – just how exactly is it different?
    The Second Amendment is clear that it’s rights are left to the people. And there is that pesky Amendments that says to the people OR the states ….. As in NOT to state governments , the federal government OR international governing bodies.

    How does one not oppose what’s going on here in Illinois and then turn around and snap about this GAT? Funny acronym eh? Brutha got his gat? Sheesh.

    One avoids writing a scathing and blistering commentary about this treaty quite possibly partly because arguments against it are the same that SHOULD have been waged and SHOULD BE being made now against current local infringements but weren’t and aren’t.

    Such a tangled web…..
    Pot meet kettle.
    Personally, it would almost be enjoyable to see a ten thousand dollar fee applied to all trainers – paid to the UN of course- just to see you few feel who actively dealt the blow that us peons felt when Illinois gun control called FCCA, which you refused to oppose and even championed as a “historic day” was imposed.
    Just desserts, some would say.

    You shoulda opposed it but you didn’t. This is the result of playing nicey nicey with tyrants and worry more about your pocketbooks than other people’s RIGHTS.

    Anyone think it stops here? Hardly. But hey, there’s always those trainers profits to make ya feel better huh.

    1. WTF does this have to do with the article, eh?

      Only a fool would have taken Raoul’s bill over the one we chose.

      Are you a fool? or an obstinate fool?


  2. Start a petition to have the U.N. floated out in the Atlantic with the idiots above as sailors on board. Paddle that building to “some where else”.

  3. It needs 60 votes in the Senate to ratify… won’t happen. They’d need all 54 Dems plus 6 Republicans, but even Harry Reid had said before he’d vote against it, and so will every Republican and most ‘Red State’ Dems.

  4. “Trust Me and the spoken word ” does not apply. My brother tells a statement ” you can tell they are lying their lips are moving “.

  5. What a spineless wimp. He will stand there and watch Kerry sign it but does not have the balls to put his name on it, so he will be able to say later he didnt sign it. Quite the leader and commander in chief we have.

  6. Of course he did not want to sign it . The UN treaty violates the Constitution and American sovereignty . Read the NRA article to see that like Obama care you have to pass it to see what is in it. There are items subject to change that if ratified the United States would have to comply without question and can be changed at a whim by the UN. To insure it not being ratified start driving your senators nuts and let them know not to vote for it keep the pressure on them to insure they listen to you the voter. Remind them that in this Republic it is “WE THE PEOPLE” that are in charge not the ruling elite. Don’t let up it is up to you on the grass roots level to work hard and get your point across.

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