There’s a precious little that’s been happening in Illinois with regard to our new Firearms Concealed Carry Act.

At this point, we believe it’s time for Illinois gun owners to begin contacting their state representatives and senators to begin the process of putting pressure on the Illinois State Police to get moving on this process.

Where are we at?

The ISP was duty-bound to begin approving instructors by September 7th.  A few days before that, they released a procedure for instructors to be approved.  No, it wasn’t easy.  First, instructors have to find an approved Live Scan fingerprint vendor and in most counties in the state, there are no Live Scan vendors.

I paid $75 to get printed, but I didn’t blame the company that did my prints and I’ll tell you why:  Because some guy had called me this summer trying to sell me on becoming a Live Scan vendor.  The price?  $8000 for the machine, $1000 to enroll and $50 for every set of prints I submitted.  What a bargain.  I should have gotten two machines for that price, right?

After submitting the prints, instructors are issued a unique number and are required to send some documents in to the ISP in addition to submitting an online application for approval.

Rumor has it the ISP has close to a thousand instructors’ applications for approval sitting in their office.  It might be close to twice that now, actually.

As of right now, they’ve approved 23 instructors.  That’s not even two per day.

What’s the hold up?

Allegedly there’s a computer problem.

The computer software they’ve been using to run FOID cards is something that was taught when I was in college back in the late 1980s.  It might as well be in “BASIC”.

They are having problems with the software, or so it’s been explained to Todd Vandermyde and that’s slowing things down.

As for approving classes, no classes have been approved.  The story is that they won’t even have a team come in to approve class applications for weeks.  So, if it happens before the first snowfall, you can be pleasantly surprised.

Further compounding the issue (and causing some confusion for those outside this process) is the 23 instructors currently approved are dead in the water as there are no approved classes they can teach.  (Translation:  There’s no real need to blow their phones up calling them.  There’s nothing they can do for you until there’s a class they can teach – and it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen until closer to the end of the year – at best.)

Meanwhile, a whole bunch of would-be instructors, some who have never taught a class in their life, are in the training forum at IllinoisCarry denigrating one another over policies, proposed fees, marketing and more. Some members (some as instructors, some not) are accusing others of being a rip off, falsely advertising or personally attacking others there. The moderators there have killed a number of the worst posts, but it’s still a far cry from harmony and teamwork.    You can google the Illinois Carry training forum if you want to read the drama.

Rest assured, the State Police has been catching pressure from regular Joe Sixpacks, politicians and Todd Vandermyde,  the NRA ILA’s guy in Illinois.  He posted about where things are at on talks he’s had with the State Police over at

The State Police are less talkative these days as are most people in the administration. What has become clear is that they didn’t want to be responsible for implementing the carry law.

Matter of fact, they wasted 30 days trying to get IDPR to take over the process, but finally realized that that was not going to happen. But the current process underscores how they are not prepared to handle this. And they seem to have made matters more complicated.

I am told the emergency rules will be in effect for a while, and they can’t be amended. They have to be replaced with the final rules to be proposed. Which leads to questions about how we are going to do things in the interim since they put mandatory minimums on training hours and such.

During all this, I have been sending in emails and comments about the proposals. Some they listened to, some they didn’t. It has become clear that their legal department is the largest impediment that we have to any sort of an orderly and simple process.

He also send them a list of complaints and comments for their response.  He got answers to some.  Here is an example:

Mandatory minimum training hours. As covered before, the mandatory minimums seem designed to eliminate NRA courses from the 16 hour eligibility. In preparing their curriculum, many had planned to teach either an NRA basic pistol course or Personal Protection In the Home (PPIH) or Personal Protection Outside the Home (PPOH) for the first 8 hours. Then teach the supplemental 8 hour program. NRA courses do not line up with the mandatory time requirements in the emergency rules. Thus, instructors will be required to develop from scratch a 16 hour course. And thus absorb all the liability for such.

**UPDATE:  Looks like mandatory minimums are going away and will become guidelines or recommendations. And NRA courses listed above will count towards the 8 hours.

Well, that’s good news.  There’s no doubt Illinois residents would appreciate getting a nationally-recognized NRA Personal Protection in the Home certificate in addition to their Illinois-approved training certificate.  That NRA certificate will come in handy if these people want to later apply for a Florida or Arizona carry permit.

Why are things so screwed up at the ISP?  Todd sums it up:

Because they didn’t want to involve us and show us draft rules, they kept stepping in a pile of crap cause they keep over thinking this stuff. They really are not prepared to handle the regulatory function. Currently, the instructor apps come in go through a check then get carried over to the Academy for sorting through the credentials. There were supposed to be running batch background checks at night, but that came to a screeching halt because they wanted things perfect. So that appears to be the slowdown in getting more instructors approved.

Like I said before they wanted this to go to IDPR after the law was passed and wasted 30 days just dickering with that. There are going to be growing pains with this and every time their legal department tries to over engineer or over think things we get foul up like the mandatory minimum time allotments.

I pointed out to them that they need to allow gun dealers to set up accounts with them so that when they do one stop shops for the permit applications, they can process the applications, and if there is a problem with one, they don’t dump the whole batch like they do with FOID cards, because they all came in on a single check. They were not even aware of this type of a problem and now have something else to look into. So I can only imagine that a lot of Tylenol and green bottles are going to be consumed as we try to get through this.


We at encourage everyone to call your Representative and Senator and ask them to turn up the heat on the Illinois State Police.  Excuses are just that:  excuses.

There is no doubt if there was a desire in Illinois government for this process to start in earnest, instructor approvals would be coming dozens per day, course approvals coming nearly as quickly and actual carry permits could be in the mail in a matter of days, not weeks or months.

We’re dealing with institutionalized opposition to right-to-carry and short of a court order allowing for FOID-card carry until the State Police are issuing permits as they are submitted, it seems nothing aside from political pressure from politicians is going to get this process moving.

9 thoughts on “Illinois Concealed Carry Update: Sept. 17, 2013”
  1. how in the blue blazes was NRA Basic Pistol and Personal Protection series (inside and outside the home) not approved on day 1

  2. Here’s an ad on chicago craigslist today:

    Illinois Conceal Carry Classes REGISTER NOW (South Elgin)
    SemperFiSupply is a certified instructor for the new illinois conceal carry class!

    We offer 8, 12 and 16 hr classes along with live scan fingerprinting services

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    Posting ID: 4073110019

    Posted: 2013-09-17, 10:57AM CDT

    ARe these guys just SLEAZY FREAKING LIARS or what?

    If they’ll lie about this, what WON’T they lie about?

    Semper Fi my ass!

  3. John, we used to have a moderator over the Training forum who was responsible for keeping folks in line, but he went off the reservation himself awhile back and the post remains unfilled.

    It never fails to happen when things slow down on the war front that we begin eating our own. Boredom I guess.

  4. I hope every body remembers that the people that voted for King Mikes plan are up for votes in the primary before the 1st permit is issued.
    They knew that ISP was slow with the Foid card,what did they think would happen with this ?
    They had 210 day notice to do something and this is the best they could come up with ?
    We got rolled, The Cubs will win the World Series before I ever support Phelps and Forby for going along with the Chicago way. Now we know why so many anti Reps and Senators voted for it,They knew the fix was in

  5. I’d say I told you so but John put a sock in my mouth.
    You shoulda opposed all this garbage but you didn’t.

    And now you own this fiasco -especially with all the “helping” going on regarding “implementation”.

    Off the reservation eh? Interesting choice of words.
    Corralled gun owners being whipped and herded, pushed in the direction the select few decide behind closed doors. Open slots? That ought to tell ya something about what’s actually happening. It’s called LOSS OF SUPPORT due to choices made and actions taken in spite of warnings about ramifications. But what do us peons know, right?

    Threaten some more with them ban hammers why don’t ya? Whip the owned some more why don’t ya? Oh and support some more gun control legislation disguised as carry legislation why dontcha? Yeah, that’s the ticket.

    You shoulda stood up but you bowed and you got others to bow too. No Chicago carve outs! Don’t throw Chicago under the bus! Yeah, you threw us all under the bus and yer surprised that people are salty? Seriously? You won’t need to “approve” signs at IGOLD next year, but you will have lots of packets left over cuz you guys did what you did. You broke trust all in the name of making MONEY. Now you gotta live with it

  6. I do not expect anyone in our state government given the level of corruption to actually attempt to resolve any issue related to concealed carry. They might have been forced to adopt it but that does not mean they will enact procedures to permit the full implememtation. Obamaland carnival workers will make it virtually impossible to implement any aspect of concealed carry as they work to abolish possession of any firearm.

  7. I have been keeping up with the Illinois Conceal Carry decisions. I also believe the ISP, Illinois State, and others are dragging their feet in this process. Why re-invent the wheel when other states programs are working. I retired from the Army, and my last position was in the training area. We trained heavily on weapons safety, proper clearing procedures, firing, and storage of weapons. Retired law enforcement officers are required to fire every year, without taking any classes, honestly this is the biggest cluster I have seen.
    ISP was given an outrageous amount of money to set the program up, I personally would like to know what, if anything it has been spent on so far.

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