Their names are Mayor Bloomberg and Diane Feinstein.

And Rahm Emanuel.  And Anita Alvarez.  And Garry McCarthy.  And the list goes on and on.

It’s two minutes and change.  Well worth it.

3 thoughts on “Are there white people who don’t want black people to own guns? Yes.”
  1. People seem to forget, gun control first really reared it’s head in the post-Civil War South, when the Democratic Party attempted to keep the newly freed slaves on the plantation and defenseless. This is when the KKK was the paramilitary arm of the Democrats. The NRA was established by two Northern GOP Radical Republicans who had also been field officers in the North’s Army during the Civil War. They were appalled by the lack of ability of a lot of northern troops to shoot and as Radical Republicans, not only believed that the newly freed slaves should be able to vote, own property and generally pursue the American dream, but that they also should be able to defend themselves as well. That is why the NRA is the first civil rights organization in the US, I just wish they would remember their roots.

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