Chicago’s City Council approved a measure which effectively bans concealed carry at alcohol-serving restaurants in Chicago, using a tweak on the liquor licensing law to impose their anti-gun will upon businesses.

As you can imagine, it’s not going to take long for a suit to be filed and for the measure to be overturned.

The problem, for Chicago taxpayers (which means all of Illinois since the state provides so much of Chicago’s tax dollars),  they/we will be on the hook for legal fees once the civil rights suit overturns the local ordinance.

Second City Cop sums it up too nicely:

The NRA will most likely sue over this provision, relying heavily on past precedent, and will walk away with another one of those giant novelty checks numbering in the 6-digits or more. Thanks again you sanctimonious assholes.

Yup.  That’s right.  Guaranteed.

Frankly, if GSL had deeper pockets and a good attorney, we’d be the ones to launch the suit, just for the publicity of this sure thing suit.

Chicago (Sun-Times*) – The City Council moved Wednesday to both comply with — and undermine Illinois’ new concealed carry law.

The end-run around concealed carry came when aldermen imposed a requirement that Chicago restaurants that serve liquor ban firearms or lose their city licenses.

The ordinance championed by Finance Chairman Edward M. Burke (14th) and downtown Ald. Brendan Reilly (42nd) would exempt stores that sell packaged liquor.

But all other establishments that serve alcohol — not just bars that generate more than half their revenue from liquor — would be required to prohibit firearms on the premises.

*Looks like the Sun-Times has taken down the paywall, so we’ve linked to their story.

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  1. Vernon Hills just strong-armed the new Dave and Busters by saying, “we will not approve your zoning permit/liquor license unless you ignore your corporate policy and ban guns at your new location.” It’s not just chicago gun-bigots trying to force their will on folks.

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