Guns Save Lives has the armed citizen story of how a home invasion was a come to Jesus moment for one young mother-to-be…

It’s kind of amazing how being in a life and death situation can change one’s mind about firearm ownership in a split second.

That’s exactly what happened in Palmview, TX several days ago.

A pregnant woman, who wishes to remain unidentified, was home alone when she heard someone banging loudly on her front door. Since she was home along, the woman did not answer the door, however at the same time, a second suspect was breaking into the home at the back door.

Fearing for her life, the woman grabbed her husband’s .40SW handgun and called 911.


Here’s the original story.

(Valley – The victim of a home invasion in Palmview Saturday asked Action 4 not to show her face on camera. She told us she never wanted to have a gun around the house, but after this ordeal, she’s glad she had protection by her side.

A standoff in south Palmview Saturday afternoon put a neighborhood on high alert. Police and SWAT blocked off the 7100 block of PTJ Drive as they negotiated with two men, who had barricaded themselves inside a home.

The standoff ended with brothers Lucas and Jesus Ortiz in handcuffs. Police said just hours earlier, the pair tried to burglarize a home nearby.

Action 4 spoke to the burglary victim, who we’ll call “Alex.”  She told us she heard a man banging loudly on her front door while another walked around to the back.

“I’m a young woman, I’m pregnant, I’m home alone. I’m not going to answer the door – I mean, I know better,” said Alex.

Alex said her husband had just left 20 minutes before. Immediately, she knew something wasn’t right and made the split decision to grab her husband’s handgun.

“By myself with 911 on one hand and the gun on the other and I’m just a nervous wreck. I don’t know what to do …I yelled and I told the 911 ‘Oh my gosh, he broke in!'”

Alex said she’s never felt comfortable with the idea of using a gun.

Still, her husband insisted on showing her how to use one just a few months ago.

“Nervous…It took me a very long time to pull the trigger and he said, ‘when you’re in a situation like that- you’re not going to think twice,'” recalled Alex.

She said that exactly what happened.

Although reluctant at first, Alex is now thankful her husband taught her to use a gun to help prepare her for the worst.

“I was against him buying a gun maybe 7-8 months ago, but I told him, ‘I don’t know if I told you, thank you for doing that’ because it changed the situation completely,” said Alex.

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