So, as GSL Defense Training has a lot of classes, we run across a few students who are unable to find ammo in time for classes.

Reluctantly, we’ve started picking up ammunition for students to buy at our cost so they may successfully complete our classes.

A while back we had a chance to get several thousand rounds of Geco .38 Special lead round nose at 50 cents a round, delivered.  (Yeah, we know – pricey as can be!)

The stuff looks fabulous.  Glossy boxes, fancy and slick graphics, shiny brass.  The stuff scores a ’10’ in presentation.  You open the case and look at this stuff and go, “Darn, this is some really nice stuff!”

The powder burns cleanly and it shoots well too.

Well, until recoil starts pulling the lead bullets out of the cases.

This happened both in Ruger LCR pistols and in the beefier K- and *much* beefier L-framed S&W revolvers as well.

We saw probably twenty or more instances where the bullet pulled out far enough to tie up the action.

It was a teachable moment for the class as an example of how recoil in lightweight revolvers can “pull” the bullets out of the cases and something you should “test” for in your chosen weapon system.

For $.50 a round, I think it’s fair that we ask that the ammo doesn’t fail at such a rudimentary level, we think.

2 thoughts on “Geco .38 Special: Not so hot stuff.”
  1. Had a similar issue w/ Corbon 38SPL +P (generally considered good stuff!) in a lightweight Taurus snubbie … didn’t pull rounds that far, but enough to lock up the action.

    Lesson: ALWAYS, always, always test your weapon system – gun, ammo, mags, holster, etc.

  2. The above student told me his revolver would not turn and was locked up. I took control of the revolver to look at it, and showed him and the other students what had happened. With the bullet out of the case, the cylinder was bound and would not turn to the next round. John Boch had taught the students about this kind of problem earlier in the class. We can tell the students what to look for, but it makes it much easier to remember when you can show them. The bullet was pushed back down into the case with finger pressure.

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