Happiness is a good video and a good chuckle!

Carjacker trying to run while holding up his pants:  Sweet.

Carjacker trying to outrun a squadcar on foot:  Funny.

Carjacker trying to outrun a German Shepherd:  Oh yeah.

Carjacker trying to outrun a German Shepherd while holding up his pants while trying to outrun a squad car:  Priceless.

Skip to about :35 for the good stuff.




Good doggie!

5 thoughts on “It’s hard to run like a track star when your pants fall down…”
  1. I have a feeling our wannabe track star was nothing more than a giant squeaky toy for the very happy pup.

  2. Who’s a good boy?!! Poor pup, better give him some shots after his mouthful of that animal.

  3. As the dog bit the living hell out of the “perp” he was heard barking “This is for Zimmie”!

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