Rocket Scientist Derrick Mosley will have another chance to “turn his life around” after nearly getting perforated robbing a gun store with a baseball bat.

What kind of brainiac brings a baseball bat to a gun store intent on committing robbery?

One by the name of Derrick Mosley, that’s who.

It didn’t go so well for young Derrick, who looks like he might have been in an extra from a documentary about Sasquatch.

(Mediaite) – An Oregon man learned the hard way yesterday that a bat is probably not the best tool for robbing a gun store.

22-year-old Derrick Mosley reportedly attempted to rob Discount Gun Sales in Beaverton, Ore., on Thursday. Wielding a baseball bat, Mosley strolled into the store and smashed a display case.

But, according to police, upon attempting to steal a gun from the smashed case, he learned that gun beats bat.

All the store manager… of a gun store… had to do was pull out his own personal firearm. And that he did. Pointing it straight at Mosley, the manager successfully ordered the would-be robber to drop the bat, the unloaded gun he was trying to steal, and a nine-inch knife in his possession.

Upon arrival, the sheriff’s department reportedly found Mosley on the floor, still being held at gunpoint by the furious manager…




3 thoughts on “EPIC FAIL: Rocket scientist brings bat to rob gun store”
  1. Score another one for the good guy. Sorry some nut job came in and tore up your store, but thanks for sweeping out the trash.

  2. I guess maybe the gun grabbers do have a point at times…..some segments of the population are plainly just too stupid for their Constitutional rights…..

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