“Remember, they don’t want to just disarm us, they hate us just for owning guns.”


(Examiner) – Spanaway resident Steve Coffman was waiting for a bus in downtown Seattle Tuesday afternoon, minding his own business, leaning against a wall listening to music and answering e-mail when he was verbally accosted by a man who – according to Coffman’s account published on the WaGuns forum – challenged his manhood, insulted him and otherwise tried to provoke him.

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His post from WaGuns.org:

Also after a protracted absence of having some personal financial issues, moving and such I’m back in circulation! If you have PM’d me and I haven’t replied, ping me again, I’ve been busy/distracted and I know I’ve missed a few things/people.

Anyway, I had an interesting run in with a rather… unique person in downtown Seattle yesterday who took umbrage with my open carry. I’ve posted the story several times, and rather than type it again, am pasting the post I made on Facebook and put on the WA-CCW mailing list.

This man is the face of liberal tolerance and the gun control movement. I went from Lakewood to Seattle by bus while open carrying, then rode the ferry to Bremerton, spent several hours in Bremerton, took the ferry back, and then back to downtown Seattle to catch a bus back to Lakewood, and the only time I had trouble open carrying was this afternoon. This person was so upset over the fact I had a gun, he had to point it out to everyone around me, and interrupt me while sending email and listening to music to inform me that I must have a small penis, that someday my gun will be taken away from me, that I had no business wearing a gun, and asking me if I needed a gun to feel important, and wondering if I was the next George Zimmerman. This tolerant face of gun control was vicious, vindictive, verbally abusive and overall, an asshole. Remember, they don’t want to just disarm us, they hate us just for owning guns.

3 thoughts on “The face of gun control…”
  1. Funny thing about these flaming gun bigots … they’re pretty full of it when they claim to be afraid of people carrying guns. BS. They know we’re the most law abiding segment of society, more so than even police officers. You think they’d open their trap like that to a street thug, gangsta’ or biker?

  2. I wouldve told him to go hug a tree and eat some granola. Might make him feel better.

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