That’s okay, Julia.  I’ll be carrying July 10th, absent another extension of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals stay in the Moore case.

Champaign (News Gazette) – Even though some Illinois officials say they won’t prosecute concealed carry, you shouldn’t expect the same opinion in Champaign County.

Officials from six counties said they will allow concealed carry in one form or another while Governor Pat Quinn considers whether to sign a concealed carry bill.  Those officials argued that they can’t enforce a ban that a court has found unconstitutional.

However, Champaign County State’s Attorney Julia Rietz doesn’t share that opinion.

Rietz also urged people to be patient until the state works out the details of concealed carry.

Officials in Madison, Randolph, Tazewell, Peoria, White and Clinton Counties have said that they will allow some form of concealed carry immediately.

This is the first time we’ve heard anything about counties aside from Madison and Randolph announcing they won’t prosecute carry by FOID holders (and the Clinton County Sheriff saying he told his deputies to not arrest FOID card holders exercising their carry rights).

8 thoughts on “Champaign won’t join six other counties in allowing carry”
  1. I’m not surprised by Champaign County, and I am pleased that several other counties have seen the light.

    Note to Ms. Reitz: We have been patient.

  2. Ever get in a crowded parking lot and can’t find a parking space? Then you see somebody getting in their car a few spaces away so you pull up to get the spot when they leave? Well, that driver now has THE POWER, and they decide to exercise THE POWER, a woman with THE POWER will fix her make up, or take extra time to fix her hair in the mirror, and then play with her cellphone. A guy with THE POWER will look thru the glovebox, adjust his mirrors, and then play with his cellphone. These people will sit there doing crap that they wouldn’t normally do because they know you are waiting, waiting, waiting. That is exactly what is happening right now, Julia has THE POWER, and she’s using it.

  3. If memory serves – wasn’t Julia Rietz unopposed in the last election?

    We need a conservative candidate to run for Champaign County State’s Attorney next time. CCW and other self-defense issues would be a great issue to run on.

    1. I have no doubt that she just guaranteed she’ll have an opposition candidate in the next election. Primary, and if she makes it through that, the general election as well.

      Many Illinois voters are making a list,planning to be activists, and saving money to donate to pro-second amendment candidates next election cycle.

    2. Maybe we should start calling Julias office and remind her that she is elected by the PEOPLE. And some of those people are gun owners. Hence she should start looking for another job when she looses the next election.

    3. MAYBE???!!! Time for everyone to do their civic duty and call her office. That’s how a democratic republic is supposed to work.

  4. The prior articles in Gun News would indicate that Rietz and her staff have been the party to very lenient sentences to some of the wildlings perpetrating mayhem in the streets. That is another good reason for a change.

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