In recent days, the far left has been telling us how the NRA’s influence has run its course and a new gun control “movement” has arrived.  A movement supported by 90% of Americans.  Or so the narrative promoted from the regime in the White House today and repeated in the mainstream media.

This Is How the NRA Ends
A bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement has arrived

(New Republic) – On April 17, the bill to expand background checks on gun buyers failed in the Senate, and the fatalistic shrugs in Washington were so numerous they were nearly audible. The legislation had been a modest bipartisan compromise, supported by 90 percent of the public and lobbied for hard by the president. A group backed by Michael Bloomberg had spent $12 million on ads pressuring senators to vote “yes.” When the bill fell short—by just five votes—it seemed to confirm a Beltway article of faith: There’s no point messing with the National Rifle Association (NRA). And that, many assumed, was the last we’d be hearing about gun reform.

But then something unexpected happened. Some of the senators who’d voted “no” faced furious voters back home…

The new gun control movement is more of a bowel movement than anything:

In case you were at the range this weekend as we were, or having a life in other places and activities, you might have missed the overwhelming rally of grassroots activists in Rockford on Saturday, June 8th.

The rally was organized by MoveOn.whatever, along with other gun control organizations and supporters.

Four people turned out.


(Rockford Register Star) – A planned anti-gun violence rally in Rockford drew four people today.

Hat tip to Days of our Trailers for the heads up as we might have missed a story about four moonbats holding a rally for gun control.

7 thoughts on “Gun control’s 90%: Four turn out for gun control rally”
  1. I think if those four people dont want guns then they should have a right not to own any. After all it is(right) should be a free country.

    1. I think you’re missing the point here, Joe. No one said that those four individuals should be required to carry a firearm. . .
      And not only do they have the right not to own guns, they also have the right to express their opinion(s).

      However, the primary focus should be on the fact that only 4 people showed up, to a planned event mind you, to rally on behalf of a “new” gun control movement supposedly supported by 90% of Americans. If 90% of the U.S. population supported the gun control movement, there would have been a significantly larger turnout in Rockford.

  2. These folks need to go inside before they get a heat stroke because 2nd amendment ended thr gun debate.

  3. The gun control folks did much better down in Houston, where they demonstrated against the 86,000 NRA members at the Annual Meeting.

    There were six (6) demonstrators there.

  4. 3 Lesbians and one fat guy wearing a William Perry jersey? Good ol’ number 72. Super bowl champs in 85′

    1. Lol, the only people who are for gun control are lesbians and fat guys who don’t shoot.

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