The Moral High Ground – Part Three

by Bob Rainville

In Part One, Bob Rainville introduced some new terms that will help us take control of the moral aspect of the gun debate.  In Part Two, he addressed the trust and balance between the government and the citizenry; taking advantage of the facts that are on our side, and a biblical defense of self defense.  In this concluding installment, he tackles violence in our society, and gives some concrete examples of the moral high ground language in action.  


 Now up the mountain to slay the dragon. You’ve noticed how mention of the other very relevant issues and root causes in these senseless killings are avoided. Well, the real blame is one mother of a horrific three headed monster that has been rotting our national fiber like a voracious flesh eating bacteria for decades now:

  • The total absence of anything resembling a solid moral foundation and compass.
  • Mental health issues and the presence of psychiatric medications, drugs.
  • The almost pathological glorification of violence and death in entertainment and media.

Violence, evil, aggression, belligerence, bullying, hostility and the hosts of related adjectives are a pathetic part of human nature. All this arguing over specific implements employed in the application of evil is nothing but a great distraction used by those who really don’t want to talk about it.

The Moral Compass – sorely lacking in today’s world

A very good bottom line question as to morality: What genius thought it would be good policy to make it extremely difficult, if not impossible for the likes of an [REDACTED SCUMBAG’S NAME] (Columbine), [REDACTED SCUMBAG’S NAME] (Colorado Theater) or an [REDACTED SCUMBAG’S NAME] (Sandy Hook) to get a lot of exposure to such precepts as, “Honor your father and mother”, “Thou shall not do murder, steal, commit adultery,” and “love your neighbor as yourself”? Huh? Who would think that shielding and censoring such precepts from our youth as a good idea?

That is the most relevant question I can think of because history has proven beyond all doubt, that those who adhere to and live by those basic tenants are not “violent, evil or aggressive” in any way. A reasonable mind would therefore conclude that policies that stifle exposure to them have not done well for us and in fact have proven to be utter, dismal, and abject failures and disastrous beyond belief.

Another victory for deinstitutionalization – Manteno State Hospital, closed December 31, 1985

Then another begging question concerns mental health and drugs: Who were the master minds that thought it a good thing to unleash hundreds of lawsuits against the nation’s mental health facilities, ultimately loosing thousands of the afflicted upon the streets? Who were the these “do-gooders” that felt people afflicted with certain mental conditions could be treated with just a host of assorted drugs, many that have listed as a side effect, “… may induce violent behavior or thoughts of suicide…”? In fairness it must be stressed that it is unknown if the drugs were causative or the patients failure to take as prescribed was. So don’t go off half cocked on pharmaceutical companies either as they’re doing their best to treat the conditions.

Bang! Bang! You’re dead! Over and over again. Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill them all! It’s in the video games, game, after game, after game. It’s in rap and heavy metal music, the movies and television. Just a horrific constant bombardment of violence blood and gore in sickening detail is everywhere too. The tragic net effect of the perpetual exposure to this electronic fantasy violence is to desensitize young minds to suffering, gore, horror and death … and there really is a game called “Kindergarten Killer”.

Be assured useful idiots, real-haters and anti-human rights extremists will not want to open this can of worms. It is stoutly alleged here that it is one they created. So they will rant, kick and scream like little children employing every distraction and demonization they can to avoid any dialogue or debate. Instead of focusing on morality, mental health and media they will continue their distraction tactic, clinging to their same old boogey man, the essential tools enjoined to the precious natural right of self defense implements of defense and deterrence.

Obviously there are no solutions submitted here as the intent is to get the dialogue started and focused in that correct direction, the real root causes of the carnage. Staying fervently centered on behavioral causes is the absolute most common sense direction and only solution here as persistent argument over implements is total futility and stupidity. 


 Make no mistake! We’re in a desperate struggle for our very existence as a sovereign people and free Republic. The “anti-human rights extremists” and their “useful idiots” striving to disarm us have an advantage. They control much of public education and media…or more appropriately, “Ministries of Indoctrination, Propaganda and Disinformation.They’ve dumbed down generations of youth and demonized firearms adding great confusion and distraction to this debate with their agenda-concocted “assault weapons” phrase, that most “sheeple” when asked, give a Pavlovian conditioned response, “Guns are evil, cause crime and are a menace to society or citizens shouldn’t have (so called) “assault weapons”, yada, yada”.

This indoctrination began in public schools and continues everywhere in the media to this day. Ask anyone (I bet you might even get this one wrong), “What issue touched off the American Revolution on April 19, 1775?” (Emphasis on touched off!). Most will respond, “taxes.” Wrong answer! It was GUN CONTROL. Of course, taxes and the list in our Declaration of Independence were issues – but when British general Thomas Gage marched on Lexington and Concord with specific orders to DISARM the people, they stood firm and said NO!  Thus, “the shot heard around the world”. Stress this point and re-educate all at every opportunity as it is an important fact to remember and an essential ingredient of the debate.

The Shot Heard ‘Round the World

Miss History is a brutal and merciless teacher. Fools that pay her no heed get to repeat the same bloody tragedies all over again. She has taught the wise very well indeed; that all too many times in history “staff” or “the state” have become evil corrupt usurpers and murderous in horrendous proportions. Always remember the most significant common denominator among Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Dung, Pol Pot and their ilk is to first disarm their intended victims.


 Once again, let’s review the new terminology, your VERBAL AMMO:




and EQUAL PROTECTION and RIGHT to OWN and CARRY the very best and most effective


 SERVICE RIFLES essential for the intended purpose of defense from

the DERANGED and CRIMINAL – TERRORISTS and TYRANTS, BAD GUYS that will always plague sovereign people everywhere!

 Those that propound, advocate, or endorse policies that give aid and comfort and abet the bad guys can only be…


vilest DEMAGOGUERY, DIVISIVENESSDISTRACTION and HATE to disarm and deprive the law abiding of their most fundamental of all NATURAL HUMAN RIGHTS.  



COMEBACKS – Using your verbal ammo in actual conversations

THEY SAY: “Well, all those evil high power “assault weapons” with their high capacity magazines are designed to kill large numbers of people quickly so how do you justify the need for an Armalite, Bushmaster or Colt AR 15 with 30 to 100 round magazines?”

WE SAY: “Wow! You’ve just shown me your mindset. People like you shouldn’t have guns.  Frankly, you scare me! Don’t mean to be personal here, but did you take your meds today?  Anyway, to millions of lawful gun owners, they’re simply “tools of defense and deterrence” and a really fun hobby too. They are actually just “Service Rifles.” Now, am I not entitled to equal opportunity for preservation of life, liberty and property? You know trust and balance of powerequal protection and equal firepower. As Miss History teaches, criminals, the deranged and tyrants will always have the latest lethal firearms. Restricting or infringing on what I can own would be like giving aid, great comfort to and abetting bad guys. It just doesn’t make common sense; nor is it moral, fair or just, now is it?”


THEY SAY: “But “Gun Free” zones are supposed to make us all safer from “gun” violence.”

WE SAY: “A wise man once defined insanity as doing the same things over expecting different results. Establishing more “gun free” zones (actually kill free madman magnets) and disarming the good guys is utter madness, insanity and dare I say, treasonous. Common sense would dictatebthat policies intended to increase the risk to the madman are far safer. Let them be afraid, afraid that their evil plot will end in failure, afraid that a person, a good guy with a “tool of defenseband deterrence” or two good guys, or maybe three, will stop them dead in their evil tracks.”



I ask, sir, what is the Militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”

— George Mason.


“A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of independence from any who might attempt to abuse them, which would include their own government.” —- George Washington


“The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” —- T. Jefferson


“A government who doesn’t trust law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms, itself is unworthy of trust.” —- James Madison


“A standing army is one of the greatest mischiefs that can possibly happen.” —- James



FYI: The latest contemptible extremist hate group lie is that the Second Amendment was intended to have a means to fight any possible slave rebellion. This egregious lie removes all doubt that they have NO honor and will stoop to any low to advance their agenda. There is no evidence that the authors of the Second and Constitution had considered any such purpose.