So much for the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence (ICHV) and the Brady Campaign’s claims that firearm-related violence is plaguing America.

As we’re pretty sure our local chapter of ICHV, which has basically devolved into a book club, won’t tell you about this…

WASHINGTON (TheBlaze/AP) — Gun homicides have dropped steeply in the United States since their peak in 1993, a pair of reports released Tuesday showed, adding fuel to Congress’ battle over whether to tighten restrictions on firearms. The findings throw cold water on one of the main arguments made by gun control advocates, that more firearms regulations are needed because gun violence is spiraling out of control.

A study released Tuesday by the government’s Bureau of Justice Statistics found that gun-related homicides dropped from 18,253 in 1993 to 11,101 in 2011. That’s a 39 percent reduction.

Another report by the private Pew Research Center found a similar decline by looking at the rate of gun homicides, which compares the number of killings to the size of the country’s population. It found that the number of gun homicides per 100,000 people fell from 7 in 1993 to 3.6 in 2010, a drop of 49 percent.

Both reports also found the rate of non-fatal crimes involving guns was also down by around 70 percent over that period.

In Florida, for instance, with over a million active carry permits, so-called “gun violence” as is historic lows.

One thought on “Rut row Brady Campaign: Firearm-related homicides, crimes down sharply since ’93”
  1. And now everyone knows why the manchin vote failed- the LAST thing certain democrats and a handful of (ahem) republicans wanted was to have to eat this “release”. Matter of fact, ill go even farther and say this is why the ban expired in 2004. They know damn well that they ate being busted more and more by their own benchmarks- those “studies”.

    A reminder though – the right to keep and bear arms is immune to these statistics no matter what they show. The interest balancing approach is no hinge.
    It is entertaining to watch loyalists squirm though. And they think WE are having a tough time with “ammunition”. He he ;)-

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