NY Governor Andrew Cuomo, the governor who has given his state’s residents the most restrictive gun ban in the nation, is now using $140 million of Hurricane Sandy federal disaster relief money to fund an ad campaign to lure businesses to New York State.

Yes, tens of thousands of people remain homeless thanks to the storm, their homes damaged or uninhabitable, and the Empire State’s governor is squandering $140 million that’s supposed to help those families in trying to lure businesses to Cuomo’s personal high-tax nanny-state.

Andrew Cuomo Launches Ad Campaign to Lure Businesses to N.Y.

(National Review) – New York governor Andrew Cuomo is launching a $140 million ad campaign to lure businesses to the Empire State. The campaign, “New York State Open for Business,” is being funded with money drawn from federal disaster aid received in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and from the Power Authority and Energy Research and Development Authority, according to the New York Times.

One thought on “Gun ban governor Cuomo uses hurricane recovery cash for ad campaign”
  1. Gotta launder that taxpayer money to and through the MEDIA!
    Media wants paid for their services supporting progressives and they got it – just like they get all that money people give to politicians in campaigns…..

    Wake up folks.

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