Lisa Madigan is asking for a one-month extension in which to consider whether or not to file an appeal in the Moore v. Madigan gun case.

As though 150 days wasn’t enough time for her to figure out whether or not to ask the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case.

Here’s the case…

Note she filed the request with Elena Kagan, not Clarence Thomas.

6 thoughts on “Crazy Lisa plays the stall card: Requests a certiorary extension”
  1. I suspect that this is just a ploy on her part. An actual appeal to the Supreme Court is too risky. A ruling by the court in favor of concealed carry would be devastating to the anti-gunners in other states as well. On one hand, she is keeping the option open to give her father more time to play games in the House and force passage of a bad bill. On the other hand, she is hedging her bet for her own run for governor. She doesn’t want Quinn to use her failure to appeal against her when she runs against him in the next election

  2. Lisa would have been smarter to have just appealed outright. This is a clear stall tactic.
    Thee is NO WAY that SCOTUS would DARE try to tell the people of this nation that their right to bear arms does not apply outside the home. Lisa and crew are being invredibly small minded thinking it would or even could. What does thirty more days provide? Nothing. Nothing but an open attempt to drag it out as long as possible.
    Might this have been a ploy spurred on by a shoulder injury?
    Possibly. Might it be a testing to see if an appeal is worth trying? A denial could mean leave it alone and she doesn’t appeal. A granting would mean its going to be heard and being next time around would mean a sure stay until then. But then this could be USING the court to twist arms of legislators. I can’t see SCOTUS liking Lisa using the process for leverage – regarding something as serious as this especially

    I opine Lisa made a grave mistake here. A denial is afoot IF there is any bit of Rule of Law left. Lisa should be forced to file a straight up appeal. A TIMELY appeal.
    Gun owners should NOT play the game even one second longer. Concede NOTHING. StAnd and Fight. No begging for allowances! No begging for permission. No deals. No compromises. That ship sailed when Madigans chose the Chicago way YET AGAIN. Proof positive they have ZERO intention of doing ANYTHING else.

  3. If Lisa and daddy are. Respectable. Politicians. And I would seem to think that they are. WHY. Wouldn’t. They want to have the citizens. Of Illinois. To have and enjoy ALL the rights that our forefathers have fought and died for. Instead. They are trying to keep us from. Enjoying our. Constitutional Rights. They are not. TRU. Public servants. If they insist on denying. Us. Anything that we have coming to us. I would think they should Rethink what they are doing. And have a change of heart. And be a TRUE servant of the people they represent. Then we could give them a pat on the back for a job WELL done

  4. I don’t like her or her ILK one bit, but we knew this was coming. We knew a showdown was inevitable when the supreme court FAILED to resolve the issue, so don’t play dumb. It’s a card game is all it is.

    #2, the motion was filed with kagan because she IS our circuit justice. Period. Routine S.Ct. motions are filed with the justice in whose bailiwick the 7th Circus falls, which is Kagan. Sorry, yes she’s a liberal GOON, but procedure is procedure.

    I see no reason stated for the delay in filing the petition for cert. It could be denied for that reason. Yeah, there’s merit to the argument because, clearly the 7th circus opinion does conflict with that of its sister court – AND the IL Appellate court. That’s a basis for cert in the s. ct. Again, sorry, but that’s how the game’s played.

    It might be a damned shame to have this issue resolved in the present court, as weak-willed as Roberts is and as flippy-floppy as Kennedy is. However, that’s our fault for electing that black bastard o’blowme who has the right to appoint liberal pukes to the bench of our nation. OUR FAULT, as in Americans’ fault.

    We also know how sleazy, how manipulative and how dirty politics are and have always been in IL and the Madigans know the game best. So she’s playing politics. Wahhh! Surprise! I am SHOCKED, SHOCKED to find a Madigan playing politics here! (to borrow from Casablanca).

    That also might work against her, if the full court sees through it. They can deny cert and that’s that. Kagan can deny the motion (doubtful). And frankly, I don’t know the role the whole court plays in such a motion of some of the justices disagree.

    Nevertheless, madigan also has to seek and obtain a stay of the 7th Circus’s ruling, cause cert does NOT do that automatically.

    We might end up with constitutional carry after all.

    God be with us all.

  5. FOID Carry might be the “irreparable harm” Lisa targets but that’s a epic fail. As more states head that direction it’s kinda tough to claim that’s harmful.
    The 7th decision is indeed out of line with the others but its the only one in line with Heller. Lisa has resolved herself to the “in the home” garbage. That’s the big mistake. She’s placed KAGAN in a rough position here. I found myself wondering last night if this plan is to deny this cert for extension outright hoping that scares the GA into action with the back up plan being a deal to grant cert on appeal WITH a stay on the 7th decision if the ILGA does nothing. This would explain denying cert in Kachalski.

    I say we stand our ground. No deals and no being scared. Our RIGHTS are on the line -true- but this path NATIONALIZES the fight. That’s GREAT for us and our position. There is NO WAY that SCOTUS would DARE side with Chicago on “in the home” and Hellers key points destroy “certain policy positions” that have to be “removed from the table of debate”.

    Might we get robbed out of June 9? Yes, possibly. Maybe not though. Regardless we win the enchilada in the end because we have truth and the Constitution on our side. The KEY here is “The Secons Amendment is no different.” Strict scrutiny is commanded or the entire Selective incorporation doctrine falls asunder itself as arbitrary and capricious. Of TREMENDOUS import here also is how Thomas ended his concurrence. He slyly stated the “qualification” mandated – CITIZENSHIP.

    Thought is Guras latest triumph in lower court on that point (regarding resident aliens)? With case law applying equal jurisdiction to them, does that hamper or help Thomas salient point about qualification?

  6. Article posted: 4/30/2013 5:30 AM
    Allow concealed carry except in Cook County?

    “State Sen. Kwame Raoul, a Chicago Democrat, is behind the plan that would allow Cook County and Chicago to opt out of a state law allowing people to carry concealed weapons.

    “My top priority is to preserve public safety, and in the interest of preserving public safety, which the court recognized as a legitimate priority, it must recognize the (state’s) geographical differences,” Raoul said.”

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