The “Stop the NRA” rally took place today in Washington D.C.

Sponsoring organizations include Public Campaign, Occupy the NRA, CREDO, Every Child Matters, Moveon, United For Change, USA, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, The Other 98%, and We Act Radio.

By our count on the pictures, each organization might have sent a carload, but that’s probably being generous.  Even the media reported there were maybe 100 folks there, including the media.

The media were there as well, as they always are, even if there are only a dozen anti-gunners present (while they can’t be bothered to cover a pro-civil rights rally with 8,000 people present).



5 thoughts on “Stop the NRA Rally: EPIC FAIL”
    1. I’d bet more folks shelled out money to become NRA *Life* members than were at that rally.

  1. Another poor showing from the left when it comes to spreading lies about the 2nd amendment. There are more folks showing up for gun shows than these pathetic events that the anti-gun crown sponsor.

  2. And this is an example of the “forces” we are to make a “deal” with…..
    So which “side” is really responsible for the permission slip demands?
    Where is the support for all these unnecessary and truly inconstitutiona concessions?
    Seems to me that there isn’t the opposition to Constitutional Carry some claim there is and thus no reason to keep directing the “pro- gun” forces to beg for legislation AVOIDING it.

    It shows clearly – the most active gun control supporters are those the NRA and others are directing to call legislators to support permission slipping the Second Amendment. Imagine where we would be today if ever since the 7 th decision all the “direction” had been “stand and fight” for FULL Second Amendment protection!

    Take a good look folks. You are being convinced to shoot your own rights in its own proverbial foot to make a “deal” with the “powers” of the “masses” pictured above.
    Full rights for all and no conditioned permission slips – especially based on zip code!

  3. I think if Illinois. Try’s. any shenanigans the same people that gave them 180 days to give us our 2 nd amendment. Rights. Will tell Illinois Just what part of what we told you 180 days ago don’t you understand????

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