Kudos to a couple of Chicago’s finest for doing the right thing to save a baby, after being notified by a doorman across the street.


(Chicago Tribune) – Four-month-old Jordyn Rose was baptized Sunday at Chicago’s Holy Name Cathedral. But on Saturday, she was rescued in a different way.

What started out as normal crying turned into her parents’ nightmare when Jordyn’s face turned white, her lips grew blue and she gasped for air, struggling to breathe.

“There’s no feeling like it,” Matthew Howeth, Jordyn’s father said. “My heart’s never beat so fast.”

Living directly across from the Talbott Hotel on Delaware Place downtown, Howeth and his fiancee, Kristin Creed, wrapped Jordyn in a blanket and ran outside their apartment building. They frantically tried to hail a cab in the jammed St. Patrick’s Day traffic, to no avail.

“I could sense the panic,” said Talbott doorman Dwayne Neff, who would often greet the couple when they left the apartment.

…”I looked to my right, and I saw two officers who I recognized immediately,” Neff said. “And as soon as I ran up to the squad car, they ran right into action.”

Those Chicago police officers — Karen Wojcikowski and Michael Seiser — put the panicking couple into their squad car, turned on their sirens and wove through jammed traffic to Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, just blocks away.