Man charged in beating on CTA train

Chicago (Tribune) – A South Side man exhausted from beating and stomping another man on a CTA Red Line train over the weekend “took a break” while the victim lay unconscious on the floor, then resumed the attack once he’d caught his breath, prosecutors said today in bond court.

Anthony McMillan, 49, was charged with attempted murder and aggravated battery in the Friday night beating that prosecutors said occurred over the course of 15 minutes on a northbound Red Line train from 95th Street to 63rd Street.

McMillan attacked the 51-year-old victim, body slammed him to the floor and then stomped, choked and beat the man until he lost consciousness, Assistant State’s Attorney Stephanie Buck said.  Video surveillance from the train captured McMillian continuing to kick the man in the head as he lay motionless, she said.

After several minutes, McMillan grew tired and “took a break” from the beating, Buck said.

… The victim was taken to a nearby hospital, where he remained in critical condition today with a collapsed lung, swelling to his brain and multiple facial fractures, she said.

So, do you still want to take your loved ones on a trip to Chicago?

Maybe you can take public transportation and see life as it really is in Chicago on your trip, right?

Chicago isn’t safe.

Chicago’s strict gun control only makes crime worse.


3 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Attacker takes a cigarette break then resumes beating stranger”
  1. And Madigan, et al, want to ensure that our pending CCW bill excludes public transportation! I pray that this victim recovers, but the corrupt leaders of Chicago and this state pray that attacks like this will continue, with nobody armed and able to threaten the safety of violent predators.

  2. Those “violent predators” are Cook county Voters too! Wouldn’t want to lose one to a self defense shooting…

  3. Looks like the Madigan’s approve of this kind of actions. They both don’t want us to defend our selves from crime.

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