Todd Vandermyde is a little nonplussed at Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan’s shenanigans on passing carry legislation for Illinois.

First, he’s dragged his feet bringing our bill to the floor in an effort to try to pass a restrictive bill instead.

When that failed, he orchestrated a political circus last Tuesday that was largely for naught, except for political ammunition for future political mailers to suburban legislators castigating them for support of common sense proposals.

To add insult to injury, Madigan and crew are proposing all sorts of new gun bans on modern firearms this week.

This is despite being under the clock for a federal appeals court order striking down Illinois’ ban on carry outside the home, the stay of said order set to expire Sunday, June 9th.

We’re tired of waiting.

Here’s what the plan is:

Call your State Senator and State Representative.  (Click here for your elected officials contact information) Tell them:

  • No “may issue” carry bill – “SHALL ISSUE” only.
  • No gun or mag bans.  No more gun control.
  • “NO” to every last bit of the City of Chicago’s legislative agenda. 

If Chicago can drag their feet enacting a court-mandated carry bill, downstate legislators can do the same for Chicago’s wants and needs that have nothing to do with guns.  For instance, Vandermyde cited Chicago seeking permission for red light cameras from the legislature, or other special dispensation on whatever the issue.  Urge your downstate elected official to vote “present” or “no” on anything Chicago wants until the foot-dragging on right-to-carry ceases.

Mr. Vandermyde also suggests thanking all those who supported Brandon Phelps’ “Amendment 27” (the Phelps shall-issue carry bill) to Madigan’s bill last Tuesday.

Vandermyde also suggested an “Attaboy” to Reps. Ken Dunkin (Chicago is trying to intimidate him after his votes last week) and Rep. Jum Durkin who has come around to our view of the gun issue after a lot of education and hard work.

Their contact information is:

Jim Durkin – Springfield
220N Stratton Building
Springfield, IL 62706

Jim Durkin – District Office
915 55th Street, Suite 202
Western Springs, IL 60558

Ken Dunkin – District Office
1543 N. Wells St.
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 266-0340

Ken Dunkin – Capitol Office
278-S Stratton Building
Springfield, IL 62706
(217) 782-4535


Also, you can fill out witness slips on a number of bills up for consideration this week. (From Illinois Carry)

HB1513 Denies home rule regarding ordinances more restrictive than state statute –witness slip –  Proponent

HB1526 Exemption for FOID holders who have applied for, but not received, a FOID renewal – witness slip – Proponent

HB2368 Brings transport on an ATV into compliance with criminal instead of wildlife code – witness slip – Proponent

HB1296 Requires Illinois pension funds to divest of gun holdings – witness slip – Opponent

HB2248 Requires Illinois pension funds to divest of gun holdings – witness slip – Opponent

6 thoughts on “Illinois legislative update: New strategy… tell Chicago no”
  1. You’ve got your orders, so March 4th! Get it? Cuz it’s the fourth of March? No? Comedy is hard, but telephones are easy, put them to work!

  2. How about just opposing ALL the legislation because its ALL gun control!
    Ok there was an attempt to make a deal as ugly as it was and even THAT failed in the face of a court order.

    No more games. No more deals. No 997. No none of it.
    Block every pie e of gun relayed legislation. Period
    Let June 9 come and go and witness constitutional carry happen.

    At THAT time come back to the table to deal on FOID.

    Stop the nonsense. Oppose ALL legislation including permission to carry.
    No more begging for permissions. Not one day more!!!!

  3. I sincerely wish for Madigan to contract a terminal case of bleeding piles.

  4. Witness slips done. For anyone that has not done this, it makes it alot easier if you register at IGLA. That way most of your info will already be put on the witness slip for you, and save you from typing it every time. Then you only have to click the proponent or opponent button, and check the record of appearance box.

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