Members of the University of Illinois and Northern Illinois University ROTC rifle teams join in a photo alongside GSL members Andrew Crist, Jon Maier, Pete Wheeler, Marge Maier, John Boch, Joe Miller and Wendy Lund as GSL presented Joe Miller with a check for over $10,000 to finish the steel and wood ceiling baffles on the second range and for other finishing touches on the new range.  The photo was taken on the almost completed first range.  Click for larger size.

Guns Save Life presented a check for $10,129.57 to the new Central Illinois Precision Shooters indoor shooting range in Bloomington on property leased from Darnall’s GunWorks and Ranges on Saturday, February 23rd.

The proceeds were raised by Guns Save Life in its fourth annual Great Guns drawing where we sold tickets for a brand new Rock River Entry Tactical AR-15 and an M-1 Garand over a five-month period.

Hilltop Guns in Colona, IL provided the Rock River at cost (many thanks to Terry and Rhonda Douglas and crew) and the M-1 Garand was a long-ago purchased CMP rifle.

This year’s Great Guns was easily our most successful, netting over $10,000 for the CIPS range.  Great Guns III raised nearly $5,000 for the CIPS range.

Joe Miller accepts the donation from Guns Save Life’s John Boch in a more traditional check-passing photo.


The monies are earmarked for the wood and steel baffles on the second of two ranges to protect the ceiling from negligent discharges.  They are projected to cost about $7,000, leaving CIPS with an additional $3,000+ for other finishing touches to the building (and there are plenty of “little” things remaining to be completed).

A shot of the new ceiling baffles on the first of two ranges.


Miller said that USA Shooting, the US Olympic Committee’s national governing body for US Olympic shooters, saw the blueprints and contacted him to designate the new range as a certified training center for them.

Once the range is completed and certified, it will be one of only two designated Olympic training facilities in the nation, the other being in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Congrats to Joe and all the fine folks at Central Illinois Precision Shooters on bringing this new project to fruition.  It really is a wonderful resource for Central Illinois and we at Guns Save Life are very pleased to be among their contributors.

Somebody made us laugh! Joe and John have been good friends for a long time, working shoulder to shoulder to advance training and education among America’s shooters.



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