Scumbags in Chicago shoot and kill a serviceman just back from serving his nation in combat.

His last dying act was to shield his toddler son from the hail of gunfire.

The problem isn’t guns.

The problem is a lack of guns in the hands of good guys.

And gangs.





2 thoughts on “CHICAGO ISN’T SAFE: Hero Guardsman murdered shielding his 2-year-old son”
  1. How many more good guys are gonna have to die in Chicago before Chicago lifts its crazy gun bans and allow the law abiding gun owners to protect themselves. I seems it is easier to survive in Afghanistan than in Chicago. I believe the second amendment has more bearing in the 21st century than it did when it was signed into law. If Mr. Cook had been armed I would bet they would have a couple less scumbags to deal with in Chicago. My heart goes out to the Cook family. I cant imagine what Mr. Cooks family is going through right now.

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