Obama’s discussion on gun control saw the highest negatives for the entire SOTU speech.


Across the board, those watching the State of the Union Address had negative comments about Obama’s anti-gun remarks.

Politicians, you best sit up and take notice if you want to remain employed come 2014.

A commenter “Tim” at Shall Not Be Questioned noted:  “Fox News just stated that the largest spike in votes for the “Bing Pulse Tracker” occurred when the President began talking about gun control (+ 1 million). To see the highest spike in votes turn into highest dislike rate during the entire address is very telling of how Americans really feel.”

3 thoughts on “TERRIBLY OUT OF TOUCH: Obama’s State-of-the-Union rant about guns”
  1. Why worry about gun control.. I am sure the President will say ” If you like your Gun, you can keep your Gun.” I mean.. He said the same thing about health care.. OH… Never mind.

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