Along with higher taxes to pay for a lawsuit defending a bunch of new unconstitutional laws, per Heller and McDonald

If you’re not coming down to Rantoul for the Guns Save Life celebration of firearm ownership, then you should attend the Northbrook Village Council meeting to defend your right to defend yourself.


ISRA has the scoop:

WHAT: Village Council Meeting to Consider Gun Bans, Licensing, and Registration

WHERE: Northbrook Village Hall, 1225 Cedar Ln, Northbrook, IL 60062

WHEN: Tuesday, February 12, 2013, 7:30 PM
    (plan to be there by 6:15 or earlier)


North suburban gun control groups are trying to establish a foothold to implement their plans to ban your guns, register you like a sex offender, and otherwise infringe upon your 2^nd Amendment rights. These people must be stopped or their efforts will grow like an epidemic. The northern suburbs are fertile ground for the gun grabbers, it is up to law-abiding gun owners from across Illinois to nip these gun control plans in the bud. THIS IS NOT JUST A NORTHBROOK PROBLEM – IT IS A PROBLEM FOR EVERY ILLINOIS FIREARM OWNER!

We need as many lawful firearm owners at this event as possible. Remember to be at the site by 6:45 PM so that the gun controllers cannot pull their old trick of closing the doors early so as to deny you your right to speak in defense of our Constitution.

Be sure to wear NRA, ISRA or IGOLD shirts and hats – we want to fill the room with a see of gold.

If you have a smart phone, be sure to record what goes on at the hearings.

Remember to be polite, but assertive when defending your rights. Seek out members of the press and tell them you are a law abiding firearm owner and that you are sick and tired of being made a scapegoat for criminals and the unsupervised mentally ill.

Please distribute this alert to your friends and family.

Please post this alert to any and all internet bulletin boards or blogs to which you belong.

Remember: Gun control is a disease, and you are the cure.