An angry Dan offered us a piece of his mind in a recent comment.

Dan posted a comment to our article about the vast majority of young people planning to become firearm owners later in life.

He wasn’t happy with us reporting this, or the fact that young people appreciate the fun and excitement of firearm ownership along with the proven benefits of firearm ownership.

He also says our name, “Guns Save Life” is “a deluded, diabolical and downright devastating slogan”.

Well, we suppose that means it’s effective at what it seeks to accomplish!

Here’s Dan’s missive:


Reprinted exactly as posted.


I read an article this morning detailing the concepts & attitudes of your organization ‘Guns Save Lives’ I have to say your beliefs & views on gun legislation and the idea that a fire arm could actually save a life is completely absurd! This stance is truly disturbing.

How on earth can you believe that a weapon designed to kill or injure could actually do more good than bad?! The article above further emphasizes this ridiculous message, you are promoting the use of guns to children, if you class yourself as a responsible parent & adult then you should clearly be doing the opposite! How old was the latest American shooter?! NOT old enough to be in possession of a firm arm is the answer to that question.

You state ‘guns are hip. Guns are cool!’ and parade a picture of a child holding a weapon, I can assure this atrocious message will not result in saving lives through the use or possession of fire arms.

What president Obama suggests is sensible, correct & something that should have been passed through congress a long time ago (Unfortunately too many brain dead Republicans take your stance so it probably won’t get passed).

He is not trying to take away your constitutional right to ‘bare arms’ he is trying to ban semi-automatic weapons which should have never been put in civilian hands in the first place.

Sure, own a riffle or pistol for security in the home – you don’t need to fire 50 shots at an intruder. In fact surely you believe you shouldn’t fire a single shot at an intruder otherwise you go against your crazy motto ‘Guns Save Lives’ – a gun in civilian hands should only ever be used as a deterrent.

Anyhow, I know you won’t change your deluded, diabolical and downright devastating slogan but I thought you should hear the words of a rational minded person in the hope that someday you will be able to see the error of your ways and concede – GUNS TAKE LIVES!!! They don’t save them…

We disagree, of course.

As for Dan?  Well, our message to Dan would be that with decisions come consequences.  Choosing not to avail yourself to the proven benefits of firearm ownership can lead to injury or death at the hands of criminals.

We invite Dan, if he feels so strongly about the issue, to post this sign in his front yard to proudly proclaim his opposition to guns.

Sorry, Dan.  Despite what you say, you can’t change the fact that:

Guns are cool.

Guns are hip.

Guns also save life, too.

And they’re also the source of a lot of fun and excitement in the lives of their owners!




14 thoughts on “Guns Save Life: A deluded, diabolical and downright devastating slogan”
  1. I was going to give the guy the benefit of the doubt until I got to this sentence:

    “What president Obama suggests is sensible, correct & something that should have been passed through congress a long time ago.”

    It’s a dead giveaway – we’re dealing with an Obama worshiper here. As we all know, it’s pretty frustrating to have a conversation with a person if your argument is offensive to his deeply held religious beliefs.

    I’m just going to make a single point. If banning semi-automatic firearms (which likely account for the majority of firearms owned by the public) does not violate the Bill of Rights due to the fact such firearms did not exist at the time the 2nd Amendment was ratified, your speech should not be protected by the 1st Amendment either unless you happen to use the technology of the period. Is this really what you’re proposing?

  2. What a blind idiot. Guess this guy don’t see that an armed guard or an armed school official at Newtown, would have saved the lives of 20 children and possibly 6 adults. Guns Save Life of the innocent law abiding citizens, bad guys, well not so much.
    Nothing that hasn’t been said and proven over many years.

  3. My gun has saved me from being robbed/carjacked at least twice. ( I work in an Obama supporter-heavy area) I stopped another obama supporter from beating a man to death, all without firing a shot. Guess those lives dont count.

  4. You can’t argue with these people that are so stupid!! They have drank to much of the cool aid.

  5. a gun should only ever by used as a deterrent? So, use a gun as a bluff, but don’t fire at the attacker. What if he presses home his attack? Shouldn’t you save your own life by firing at him?

    If a carjacker points a weapon at you, standing in front of your car, should you step on the gas? Would your car at that point have saved your life? What if a different bad guy decides to run over you or some other innocent, and does so; but before you die, and ambulance gets you to the hospital and you are saved. Cars take life, cars save life. It’s all in the usage.

  6. Obviously someone who doesn’t have the slightest understanding of what the 2nd Amendment is there for and believes everything he sees on tv about the “big evil black assault weapons”.

    My future posts will be under a different name thanks to that idiot.

    (oh.. and I like the ferret) 🙂

  7. Apparently GSL is now in the big leagues, as we didnt have the haters coming out of the woodwork much till now. As a popular public figure once said, “You don’t take flak unless you re on target”

    1. Good point. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fellow were hired gun… excuse my language, a paid employee of the ‘progressive’ machine.

  8. I detect the start of a Thousand Yard Stare young man. The gritting of teeth is also a sign of aggression. Snap Off!

  9. It occurs to me that this fella (likely a urban raised college student) has never held or fired a gun.
    It also occurs to me that we’re he to be invited to do so (as an exercise in learning) he might just find that his attitude “evolves”.

  10. I guess Dan(if that’s his real name)doesn’t realize that there are gun toting Democrats also. It sounds as if he is racist to Republicans. This man is stupid and does not deserve to be able to make a statement on gun control or anything else. Please help us forget about him by not printing anything said by him.

  11. It is interesting to read some of these people’s responses to Guns Save Life. Yes, we have a couple of generations now that have been raised in an environment where they are not taught about guns. What many of those non-gun owning people don’t realize is that our gun technology has changed from revolver type to semi-auto type over the years. Today, the vast majority of handguns and rifles are semi-auto. The reason the word – semi – is put in connection with the word automatic is that each time we have to fire the gun, we have to pull the trigger and for some reason this simple understanding escapes those non-gun people. Any ban on semi-automatic guns and rifles will affect almost 99% of the gun we have. Many of these non-gun people don’t realize is…it is our guns that allow them to be free. I saw a video the other day from FrontSight about a couple in the U.K. and they wish that their right to self-defense and gun ownership was never taken away. Now, it is a nightmare for them everyday. Sad, very sad they have to live in fear that way in the U.K. So, I say, thanks to our 2nd Amendment and keep up teaching people how to have guns responsibly, to protect our future children so they can teach their children how to live life to the fullest.

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