Our friends at the Illinois State Rifle Association have the right idea on Gun Appreciation Day.

We at GSL have been fielding more and more calls from folks asking “should we go to Springfield on Saturday”.

Our answer is “no” and we’ll tell you why:

1.  The legislature is not in session.
2.  Nobody in the legislature is gonna be there.
3.  The media’s not going to report on it.

Adding all that up, the question is “why?”

It makes as much sense as having a candlelight vigil in the daytime in a forest during fire season.


The ISRA put out an alert (they seem to be sending quite a few lately, but that’s the nature of the beast during this blitzkrieg on our freedom and civil rights by gun-hating leftists!) with some great and timely suggestions of how to celebrate Gun Appreciation Day this Saturday.


As many of you know, Saturday, January 19th as been declared “Gun Appreciation Day” across the nation.  The ISRA is pleased to support Gun Appreciation Day and urges all of our subscribers to participate in activities in their area. 

Here are some suggestions for observing Gun Appreciation Day: 

1.  Introduce a friend to the shooting sports. 

2.  Go to your local gun dealer and buy something – anything. 

3.  Have a frank talk with your kids or grand kids about the importance of private firearm ownership to America’s freedom.  Try to undo some of the damage inflicted by some of their leftist teachers and media.

4.  Make a pledge to aggressively stand up to and beat down attempts at gun control in your community. 

5.  Learn more about your enemy – the gun control movement.  Do what you can to dispel their lies and be prepared to confront them when necessary. 

6.  Join, renew, or upgrade your membership in the ISRA and other firearm rights groups [including Guns Save Life!]

Your participation in Gun Appreciation Day will help send a message to those who would take your guns away.  Given recent events, Gun Appreciation Day will certainly be covered by the media – we want a good showing!  Don’t forget that Obama’s reinstallation as president takes place on Sunday the 20th.  Let’s steal his weekend from him! 

Please pass this alert on to your gun owning friends and family. Also, please post this alert on any Internet blogs or bulletin boards to which you may belong! 

Remember – gun control is a disease and you’re the cure.



3 thoughts on “ISRA has right idea on Gun Appreciation Day in IL”
  1. And before you go to convince your less-knowledgeable friends and neighbors that they are hearing garbage from the media and are wrong, spend a few minutes at web sites like GSL or the NRA to capture a few statistics and facts. Then stop in at a site like http://changingminds.org to pick up a few debate pointers. Spend one minute to Google “feel felt found” and use that technique.

    Don’t just talk to people. Convince people that we’re right, as were the Founding Fathers, and they’re wrong. We have to start using some techniques of the anti-civil-rights zealots if we are to win this campaign.

  2. Except that on IGOLD day all the antis are nowhere to be found anyway. Remember now, they only have in place their human shield staffers. Add to that the historical reality of the day. In MADIGANISTAN , they have been known to vote ( or skip it) BEFORE people come there to “lobby”.

    I say this as a person who has attended every IGOLD.

    PERSONALLY, I think IGOLD this year should focus on NO legislation passing until AFTER the 180 day clock has expired. There is NO truthful logic in passing a restrictive carry bill when CONSTITUIONAL CARRY is so very close.

    The reality is this. Proof is in the pudding. No law is “needed” to legalize carrying. Wisconsin proved that nicely. ABSENCE of illegality by statute MEANS legal and lawful!
    THAT very thing awaits us at the end of the 180 day clock.
    It’s time to recognize that the side of liberty has won already and that there is no reason to shoot it in the foot with backing a permit structure creation (only to spend the next few decades trying to remove it).

    Time to see who stands for permission slips and who stands for RIGHTS meaning no permission slips are “needed”.

  3. So people aren’t going to Springfield this Saturday? I’m all for going, but I don’t wanna be the only one who shows up. People in state caps all over the country are going to show up, makes no sense to me.

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